The dangers of false eyelashes- Only if you did something wrong

Posted June 24, 2020 by zy279984311

The girls with long beautiful eyelashes always let us envy a lot

The girls with long beautiful eyelashes always let us envy a lot, but you know that you don’t need to envy others any more because we everyone can get long beautiful lashes by choosing ourselves suitable false eyelashes. We can get the dreamed long beautiful lashes and big eyes easily with false eyelashes!
Stick false eyelash have another important effect, that’s to change your eye shapes, isn’t that amazing? The idea is to use false eyelash patches with black cotton thread at the stem together with eyeliner to correct an imperfect eye shape. This is why many web celebrities are so fond of using false eyelash patches! Besides, if false eyelashes are properly worn, they can also make your facial features more three-dimensional.
We had talked much about how to apply false eyelashes, how to choose an eyelash suits yourself, but only apply false eyelashes is not enough, we should remove carefully and correctly to avoid the dangers of false eyelashes.
For example how do you remove the false eyelash patch? The girls who have never used false eyelashes must have a question: Is false eyelashes hard to stick, is it difficult to discharge? Will there be any traces left on the eyelids? Our lash's sincere answer is here: if they are good, they will stick and not fall out. And how? Listen to Our lash!
If you encounter a strong adhesive eyelash patch, it is important not to pull it out. Make strong pull down can make eyelid flabby not only, still can pull out original eyelash to come down, also can destroy false eyelash at the same time, the lost outstripped the gain. The best way is to stick a cotton swab on the makeup remover and brush it back and forward a few times around the base of the false eyelashes to allow the remover to permeate the gap between the false eyelashes and the eyelids, and the gel will slowly dissolve. At this time false eyelash can fall off slowly, so take off gently only.
In addition to the wrong remove of false eyelashes, the wrong apply will also cause a lot of harm.
The harm caused by wearing inferior false eyelashes and improper operation: scratch the cornea, cause keratitis, and may suffer from insomnia in severe cases; Dirty hands when wearing, resulting in eye infection;
Frequent use of poor quality eyelash glues causes blepharitis, swelling and peeling of the eyelids, and wrinkled skin around the eyes.
To protect ourselves from harms, when choosing false eyelashes please pay more attention to the qualifications and choose the famous factory as far as possible.
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