The PT2600 Wide Screen POS Terminal Makes Great Customer Service Simple

Posted June 24, 2020 by Clientron

Whether you’re running a restaurant, hardware store, or another type of retail establishment, a fully integrated point of sale system offers numerous benefits. Clientron’s PT2600 Wide Screen POS Terminal.

In the past, you may have used a ledger or a cash register to account for and process transactions. However, these antiquated methods are no match for today’s advanced business technologies.

Whether you’re running a restaurant, hardware store, or another type of retail establishment, a fully integrated point of sale system offers numerous benefits. Today, there are plenty of options, but few match the versatility of Clientron’s PT2600 Wide Screen POS Terminal. Read on to learn about this system’s benefits.

Greater Convenience
An all-in-one POS system like the PT2600 provides merchants with everything they need in a point-of-sale solution, bundled into a sleek, efficient package. You’ll enjoy features such as:
• A 15.6-inch PC touchscreen display
• A powerful Intel 7th gen processor
• A standard VESA mount that offers numerous foot stand options
• Easy installation, maintenance, and system expansion

With an additional LAN port, it’s easy to connect a payment terminal to the PT2600. Printer stands, cameras, WiFi, barcode scanners, customer displays, and other peripherals are available.

A Stylish and Concise Design That Makes Multitasking Easier
The PT2600 has everything you need and nothing you don’t. Its Intel Core 7th gen processor is extremely energy-efficient, but it’s still powerful enough to handle multiple tasks at once. When you can get more done within a short time, it’s easier to give customers the prompt, professional service they deserve.

Most retail establishments lack counter space, but with the PT2600, it’s not a significant concern. This all-in-one system has a small ergonomic footprint that saves space and creates a neat and uncluttered appearance.
Furthermore, the PT2600’s footprint makes it easier and more comfortable for employees to do their jobs. It can be quite difficult to run multiple peripherals in a limited area, but this system’s ergonomics simplify processes and reduce the risk of employee errors.

Easy Usage
Along with its comfort and utility, the PT2600 is easy to use. With peripherals that are guaranteed to be 100% compatible, this system is easy for business owners to set up, use, and maintain.

Low Long-Term Costs
Though the upfront investment may depend on the peripheral selection and other factors, Clientron’s PT2600 all-in-one POS system helps to keep long-term costs down. Because the system and its peripherals are all coming from a single vendor, the maintenance process is streamlined, and business owners will save a substantial sum over the equipment’s life cycle.

Additionally, while it’s difficult to customize a point-of-sale system consisting of peripherals from several vendors, we’ve made it easy. Because the PT2600’s peripherals are guaranteed to be compatible, it’s easier to make low-cost adjustments.

And, if these benefits weren’t convincing enough, the system’s uniformly durable components may increase its life expectancy. Clients won’t have to replace their equipment as often, and when that time comes, low- or no-cost field serviceability may be a viable option.

Improved Customer Service
We don’t like waiting in line, and it’s likely that your customers don’t want to do it either. If checkout lines get too long, some customers may simply walk away. With improved and innovative solutions from Clientron, you can serve customers efficiently and conveniently. Because of its ease of use and simplicity, the PT2600 allows users to expedite the checkout process. When customers can quickly get what they need and get on with their day, they’re more likely to be satisfied with the products they buy.

Today’s customers aren’t just looking for products and services; they’re also looking for a memorable customer service experience. The PT2600 allows you to maximize that experience, makes it easier to engage with customers, and leaves them with a favorable impression of your brand.

Expanding Your Business
Growth is exciting, and opening a new location is a big deal for a business owner. With new locations, however, come unique challenges. Managing multiple retail outlets can be quite complicated, but the PT2600 Wide Screen POS system may offer a solution. These terminals can easily be networked, providing the following benefits:

• Sharing and safe storage of information gathered by individual terminals
• Easy access to stored information
• Shared use of printers and other devices
• Shared use of POS software, which can be installed on a central server and used at each terminal

Whether you’re opening a new location, adding registers to an existing store, or expanding the company’s offices, the PT2600 will tie everything together.

Payment Capabilities
With various peripherals, the PT2600 can be configured to accept payment types such as NFC (contactless payments), EMV chip cards, and mobile wallets like Samsung Pay, Google Pay, and Apple Pay.
A recent study showed that 44% of survey respondents preferred to pay with debit cards, while 33% used credit cards. When your customers can use their preferred payment type, it’s possible to increase revenue while keeping them satisfied.

Building Customer Loyalty
Another major benefit of Clientron’s PT2600 Wide Screen POS Terminal is that it gives you more time to build brand loyalty. The time employees and administrators save through task automation can be spent engaging with customers. This advanced point-of-sale system allows users to create, implement, and monitor rewards programs, which are proven to increase repeat business.

High Security
As previously mentioned, the PT2600’s tracking capabilities make it easy to track sales within a certain timeframe. With TPM (trusted platform module) and vPro security, it’s easier to keep team members accountable for the sales they ring up and it minimizes employee theft.

Intel’s vPro technology is a range of high-performance, energy-efficient management capabilities that allow professionals to manage, monitor, and repair terminals remotely, regardless of their power state or OS health. With features such as gigabit Ethernet, a RAID controller for increased storage reliability and speed, wake-on-LAN, and power-saving capabilities, the PT2600’s vPro technology makes it easy to collect asset and inventory information, detect the act of disabling system-critical software, and remotely diagnose and resolve issues.

The PT2600’s TPM technology provides a more secure user experience. A TPM or trusted platform module is a microcontroller that securely stores artifacts used in platform authentication, such as certificates, encryption keys, and passwords. Authentication and attestation are crucial steps that ensure the safety and security of customers’ sensitive data. The information stored within the TPM is protected from external attacks. If your platform’s configuration has changed because of unauthorized access, access to sensitive information can be sealed off and denied.

Reducing Admin Work
Compared to older POS systems, the PT2600 reduces paperwork and time-consuming administrative tasks, decreasing the likelihood of mistakes and helping workers save time. It’s easy to provide and track invoices, view billing information, and choose settings that automate tasks such as order submission. When there’s less tedious admin work to do, owners can focus on more important areas such as customer service and sales.

Increased Productivity
One of the biggest benefits of the PT2600 from Clientron is the increased productivity it offers. It does this in various ways, from accurately predicting labor needs to minimize over-staffing, to automating everyday tasks so employees can focus on customer service. This system’s features are designed to streamline workflow and increase workplace productivity.

Reduced Errors
When business processes are performed manually, there’s a greater risk of human error. With the Clientron PT2600, however, most of these processes are automated. Computers are infinitely more reliable where things like inventory counts and price recording are concerned. With fewer manual processes, users reduce these risks and improve the accuracy of crucial data. Automation allows business owners to spend less time crunching the numbers and more time getting the most value from their information.

A Higher ROI
Though an all-in-one POS system such as the PT2600 is a substantial investment, the advantages and potential returns are significant. This point-of-sale system may help increase a company’s revenue potential and maximize profits.

As mentioned before, the system’s time-saving features allow staff members to direct their efforts in ways that meet the company’s goals. With the addition of loyalty and gift card programs, additional revenue streams are opened, and customer spending will increase.

In Conclusion
The business world is changing, and to remain competitive, owners must have point-of-sale solutions that keep up with those changes. The benefits of the Clientron PT2600 Wide Screen POS Terminal are quite compelling for restaurant operators and retailers who want to get the most value and the least hassle for their money.

Without a doubt, our point-of-sale system can increase your business’ performance. These systems can be outfitted with various peripherals to suit your needs, but not all are the same. When buying a POS from Clientron, you’ll receive a system that represents the ultimate in convenience, innovation, style, and affordability.

As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to know which features are required for successful corporate management. If you haven’t yet bought a point-of-sale system, the PT2600 is an excellent choice. At Clientron, we specialize in POS solutions for all types of businesses. Call or click today for help finding the right option for your company. We look forward to doing business with you!

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