The diamond quality identification and consumption error

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color in the price of 450 yuan. Is also VS white diamond, J and H price difference between can be 20%, can spread 90 yuan.

"Diamond forever, a circulating forever," this sentence classic message, I believe everyone will not strange, it relevantly embodies the diamond meaning - the eternal. People have been the diamond as brave, power, status, and distinguished symbol. But, in addition, you really understand to the diamond?

Diamond is refers to the polished diamond, commonly known as the "diamond", is a single carbon (C) elements in the special environment crystallization and become crystal mineral, is also the only by single element composition of gems product. With its glittering and translucent and bright is dazzing and adamant excellent quality has been regarded as one of the world's most precious gem species, known as the "jewel of the king".

Diamond is the hardest substance, its mohs hardness for 10, more than mohs hardness for 9 corundum of anti-wear hardness is more than 140 times, has the extremely high anti-wear ability and chemical stability, and its English name Diamond system Latin Adams evolution, and the meaning of is indestructible. Diamond strong luster, after processing is not easy to wear and endurably shine adamantine lustre. Diamond because of its refractive index (2.42), dispersion strong (0.044, in the natural colorless gem is the strongest), when thinking into dozens of small face, into the white light of the diamond in refraction process was dispersed into monochromatic light, show seven color neon, luster, present bright and glittering and translucent igneous optical effect, this kind of intense dispersion phenomenon, is the most precious diamond characteristic, is the any other treasure, jade exceed the.

Nowadays, diamond is not so mysterious, more is not only the royal noble can enjoy treasures, it has become a common consumer can have, wear mass gem.

How to understand the value of the diamond, how to choose and buy and maintenance diamond etc has become the urgent need to understand the public, now, I came to tell you one.

How to evaluate the quality of the diamond

Evaluation must be based on the diamond "clarity, color, cut, weight" the four standard to set.

1. Clarity: diamonds are creatures of nature, internal more or less contain some imperfections, these defects is diamond in the growth process wrapped in diamond internal small crystal, cloud, needle point disc, small crack, etc. Clarity grade is professional in 10 times a magnifying glass, according to the observed defects in the size, number and position, etc., is divided into five level 10 small stage.

2. Color classification: color grading is to observe yellow diamond series of yellow (tan) tonal obvious degree from diamond color level by the division of professional personnel in specific environment finish. Diamond color is divided into 12 levels, with the English letters represent respectively the different color level.

3. Cut classification: the measurement and the microscopic observation methods for diamond cutting grinding process quality hierarchy common ratio meter to classification. Modified degrees are diamond cutting grinding symmetry and surface polishing quality evaluation. As a consumer, to judge the quality of diamond cut should be whether bright, fire color is clear, the shape is symmetrical, surface to see if there is any breakage and so on several aspects.
4. Quality (commonly known as weight) : is the important factor of value evaluation diamond, diamond quality unit for g (g), can also use (ct) said, lg = 5 ct. In fact most weigh with carat balance direct weighing, carat value reserved to the decimal point two, the third do eight pieces of nine into.

Diamond quality grading: diamond clarity and color level as the basis, will set the diamond quality division is very good, very good, good, good, general 5 levels. Diamond cut to the quality the impact is taken into consideration.

How to choose and buy diamond

In the choose and buy when diamond, had better choose reliable reputation diamond jewelry store or famous manufacturer and famous brand goods stores.

Don't rush to buy, carefully ask, see and you master this knowledge is consistent.

To ask for invoice and quality guarantee. In order to be on the safe side can go to the trustworthy jewelry appraisal station to detect in order to obtain "diamond identification certificate", this is the diamond "physical examination table", "id card".

If the product with appraisal certificate, you can use the following standard each control - whether real consistent with who is appraisal, what are the dates, fill in the correct, clear and have a leak.

Diamond price is mainly composed of clarity, color, cut and quality 4 indexes are determined by the. Diamond total price, weight 40% ~ 60%, 15% ~ 25% clarity, color is 15% ~ 20%, 20% ~ 35% cut.

Say first weight. Weight is classification valuation, such as 18 '~ 22 "to 20' level, 23 '~ 27' for 25 'level, 28' ~ 39 'for 30' level, each between differential per carat are 3500-10000 yuan. So 22 "and 23", and "and 28 'between, though, a difference of 0.01 carat, but the price is a level difference, difference between 350 ~ 1000 yuan. If you will for reasonable selection of weight, will save money.

Clarity points 5 levels, color points, 11 level, their relationship is as follows: the difference between the clarity is 10% ~ 15%, namely VVS, VS, ST per carat difference between 3000 ~ 5000 yuan, also is the same weight of 1 a value 3000 yuan VS diamond clarity, compared to VVS clarity more than 300 ~ 450 yuan.

Color points 3 class 11 level, type prices vary between 10% ~ 15%, and 10% for every level difference between. For example a 3000 yuan of right-and-left VS white diamond, color in the price of 450 yuan. Is also VS white diamond, J and H price difference between can be 20%, can spread 90 yuan.

Cut accounted for 20% ~ 35% of the total value of the, with 30% meter, 3000 yuan of diamond, reference cut wages is 900 yuan. Because the stand or fall of cut effect "in the" degree and ring surface size, different between cut and have a certain price differentials, Hong Kong cut minimum, Belgium cut the highest. Usually Belgium cut than Israel cut high 25% ~ 30%, and Israel cut and 15% higher than India cut, such as a value 3000 yuan of India's cut diamond (cut to 900 yuan meter), the cut is Israel, 1035 yuan more than
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