Bao Tran to Announce Launch of The Book on Foreclosures

Posted October 24, 2012 by chrisvineyard

The Book on Foreclosures, a practical book that discusses the different aspects encompassing foreclosure, written by Bao Traan will finally be launched in the market.

The Book on Foreclosures, a practical book that discusses the different aspects encompassing foreclosure, written by Bao Tran will finally be launched in the market. The said book is geared towards helping millions of homeowners and start-up investors who are in trouble with mortgage payments by providing valuable and helpful advice and tips.

In the real estate industry, foreclosure is a dreadful term for homeowners who are on the struggle to keep their homes afloat. Over the past few years, there has been a notable increase in foreclosed homes all over the United States. Experts cite ignorance on how to make the right financial decision when it comes to credit, investments and mortgage refinancing as one of the major reasons as to why the number of foreclosed homes keeps on increasing.

To help people cope with the curve balls thrown by mortgage payments, Tran decided to publish The Book on Foreclosures, touted by New York Times bestselling author, Raymond Aaron as the “Bible on foreclosures”.

According to Aaron, the said book is compelling and easy to read because the ideas and key points are presented in an orderly and clear manner. He also claims that it provides little known tricks when it comes to postponing or avoiding foreclosure by means of lowering monthly payment.

“I have read books on foreclosures before, I have read books on loan modifications, I have read books on bankruptcy, and I have even read books on how to rebuild your credit post-foreclosure. But I have yet to find a resource that ties all of this information together into one compelling and easy read…until now”, Aaron said.

The book has 9 chapters encompassing the top 9 secrets on how to get rid of a bad property in a market where only few buyers meet the criteria for financing and on how to save both your home and your credit. They are as follows:

Loan modification and 10 ways on how to go about it without an attorney
Seller financing or wrap around mortgage and 3 reasons why they may prove to be rewarding
Equity sharing or subject to transaction and the alternative ways on how to save credit with these
What is short sale, its advantages and why should one go for it by the end of 2012
Deed in lieu, REO and foreclosure
The myths of bankruptcy, bank’s prerogatives and how it works
How to select the ideal professional consultant of the most reliable company to deal with
How homeowners can rebuild their credit and take charge of their financial health
How to make wise investment decisions and never fall in trouble with mortgage again

The aforementioned chapters provide a step-by-step guide on how homeowners and investors can make their plans happen by simply making wise decisions. They also share secrets in a particular domain within the financial and banking industry to provide readers the latest updates in the real estate industry. Readers will also be taught on how to lessen the downside and reverse their credit when the foreclosure has become completely unavoidable.

Tran is also proud to announce that upon purchase, buyers will be able to get 4 additional bonuses such as the following:

Instruction video on how to fill out a complete Request for Modification and Affidavit (RMA) form for Short Sale or Loan Modification
An interview with a loss mitigation representative of a big bank
Sample log file, sample hardship letter and other forms needed
An interview with Nathan Long, CEO of Quest IRA Inc. regarding self-direct IRA. (Tran claims that this information will open the door to the readers’ brighter future.)

According to Tran, those bonuses will help homeowners and investors understand more the blur points in the mortgage and foreclosure aspects.

Even before the official launch of The Book of Foreclosures, many have already given a chance to read it. Their feedbacks are as follows:

“This is the ultimate lay-persons guide to what to do in case of a foreclosure. The chapter on bankruptcy is absolutely invaluable. I wish every homeowner in America had this information at their disposal.” -- Allan Hendrickson, JD. Oklahoma City, OK

“This book is simple but powerful. I had a chance to work with Bao using a successful technique in this book for one of my rental properties that was underwater. I strongly recommend that you read this book and get rid of your failing investment(s), as I did. If you want to invest the right way, the information from the last chapter will help you get ahead in your life and finances.” -- Roger Tornga, Financial Controller, Tomball, Texas

“Bao does a fabulous job in explaining the many strategies homeowners can use when dealing with foreclosure. Unfortunately, many Americans today are struggling with properties that are “under water” and they don’t know who to turn to. Bao’s book explains that there are several options for homeowners facing this uphill battle, and it is explained in a very straight-forward and easily understood fashion. I recommend this book to anyone looking for alternative methods to foreclosure.”-- Nathan Long, CEO of Quest IRA, Inc., Houston, Texas

“The information contained in this book is easy to read and understand. If I had read Bao's book before I bought investment properties, I would not have suffered the hardships of foreclosure. I strongly recommend that potential homeowners and start-up real estate investors immediately purchase The Book on Foreclosures.” -- Joseph F. Brownholtz, Ph.D. Miami, Florida

“I have read and applied the information of owner finance in this book to sell my house. I had used several brokers to list the house for sale, but it didn’t get moved. It kept eating my retirement funds for more than two years until I met Bao and his book. Fortunately, he walked me through the steps and the house got sold quickly. I’m so happy that I can make a monthly cash-flow now instead of losing money month after month. This book is a must read if you own a non-sell-able house like me. The other chapters of the book have great information for all homeowners in general.” -- Nina Nguyen, Retired, Houston, Texas

With the positive feedbacks to The Book of Foreclosures, it is expected that more homeowners and investors will get their own copy of the said book after its official launch.

The Book on Foreclosures is considered as the most comprehensive, clear and helpful book that will provide both homeowners and investors the chance to make wise decisions in order to avoid foreclosures and to deal with their problem in mortgage payments successfully. It is loaded with proven tips and information that will provide cutting-edge information to keep a property afloat in spite of the threat brought by foreclosure.


For more details about the things that The Book on Foreclosures has to Offer and its bonuses, interested individuals are advised to visit the website at
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