Is it difficult to hire string quartets?

Posted September 17, 2012 by johnybfre

The process of hiring string quartets can be an easy process for some and a very difficult endeavor for others.

The process of hiring string quartets can be an easy process for some and a very difficult endeavor for others. Musicians that are talented at playing a stringed instrument, such as a violin or a cello are not that common. Those that have attained the proper level of experience to play in one of these musical groups often relocate to an area where their talents can be put to good use. For the most part these musical groups are easier to locate and therefore much easier to hire for special occasions or events where the music they perform is requested.

If you live in the right location you’ve probably seen advertisements or bulletins posted indicating the performance of several string quartets over the years. Big cities and metropolitan areas have a greater need for these types of musical groups than do rural or suburban areas and regions. In this day and age there more musicians electing to play an instrument like the violin as a solo artist rather than as a member of one of these stringed musical groups. Stringed instrument ensembles are not as common today as they were several decades ago which has also served to further individual solo careers.

Depending on where you live hiring string quartets for any reason may not only be difficult it might be completely impossible. The music that these instruments are capable of producing isn’t commonly used by mainstream musical genres which has resulted in fewer musicians wanting to learn them. You might have better luck finding a solo artist that just plays the violin as this has become the favorite stringed instrument associated with stringed quartet musical groups. There are quite a few more musicians playing violins than there are the remaining three instruments of the ensemble.

Cost may also be a factor in determining how difficult hiring string quartets for your events might be. If you have the finances available to pay for transportation and travel as well as accommodations you may be able to hire the quartet of your choice without much difficulty at all. If the cost of hiring one of these groups is too extravagant for the personal budget the interested event host should consider hiring a solo violin player as they are quite capable of giving a lively performance all by themselves and at a fraction of the cost of hiring four musicians to play together.

String quartets represent a dying genre of music that is no longer listened to and enjoyed by as many people as it was at the turn of the 20th Century. The musicians of today are not interested in learning how to play instruments like the cello, the bass or the violin which make up the four different instruments of a stringed quartet, they are more interested in acquiring the skills required to play the guitar, the drums or the keyboard which are the primary musical instruments enjoyed across several genres in the industry of the modern era.

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