Is a violin lesson expensive?

Posted September 17, 2012 by johnybfre

Learning to play a musical instrument can become quite expensive over the course of time depending on the musician and the instrument that is purchased.

Learning to play a musical instrument can become quite expensive over the course of time depending on the musician and the instrument that is purchased. There are several factors need to be considered when attempting to determine how expensive a violin lesson will be. Prices for learning how to play an instrument vary depending on the individual hired to conduct the teaching. For those wishing to attain a level of musicianship that will allow them the possibility of playing in a string quartet the cost of obtaining better instruction may be more expensive over the course of instruction.

For novice learners the cost of a violin lesson should not be considered as being an expensive endeavor, depending on where the lessons are being offered and under what conditions. Some instructors will have instruments available to loan out for the lessons while others require the interested learner to have an instrument of their own. Violins are produced by a number of manufacturers and come in a variety of prices which can get quite expensive if a higher quality instrument is selected. The money paid for the instrument may be compensated for if the individual is talented enough to land a position in a string quartet; however that level of experience can take years to acquire.

Personal perspective will also play a role in determining whether or not the cost of a violin lesson is considered to be too expensive. Some individuals are unsure of which instrument they would like to learn which can result in differing opinions about cost and if it is affordable for them or not. It is possible for an individual to begin learning to read music while practicing the violin only to change to another instrument such as the cello in order to secure a position in a string quartet which could incur additional expenses separate from learning to play the violin.

If you are unsure that the violin is the right instrument for you then it is highly recommended you seek an instructor that has an instrument they can lend you for a violin lesson or two before making the decision to purchase. There are several stringed instruments to choose from so it might also be wise to solicit the advice of each musician in a string quartet in order to determine which type of instrument is best suited for the individual musician.

Once an individual reaches the level of expertise required to proficiently become a part of a string quartet the expense of a violin lesson is seldom considered to be unaffordable. With experience and professional performances in front of a paying audience can make the cost of a new lesson seem insignificant. Those that are extremely talented will have opportunities presented to them for joining quartets, symphonies or orchestras. Playing as a member of one of these illustrious musical groups can provide a very sufficient source of income as these groups are normally in high demand to play for some of the most prestigious events around the world.

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