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The newly released announcement stated the SWTOR’s early subscriber access to Galactic Strongholds delayed from June 24 to August 19. As to this change, some players replied with uncontrolling disappointment of their unpunctunality, while some responded what comes the last,shuold be better. No doubt the later group are right, however, they are still not that far-sighted. Based on this news, what players should consider is to farm cheap swtor credits strategically.

Galactic Strongholds is an expansion worthy of waiting for.

Apart from features mentioned in the former post, now some new ones are planed to be added in the original feature list. Firstly, 3 unique Player Strongholds will be added, one on each Capital World plus the Nar Shaddaa Sky Palace. Secondly, Valor-class Crusier is added as the Republic Guild Flagships while Harrower-class Dreasnaught is designed for the Empire. Thirdly, Vehicles, Mounts, Pets and Companion Characters can be placed as decorations in Strongholds. If one is in favor of collecting mounts and pets, this addition is a good leap.

To conquer a planet, guilds must complete weekly Conquest events.

With the info in the former release, most players believed the conquests are PvE events, however, now a couple of terms should never be ignored.
1. A planet wide announcement is made that a valuable asset has suddenly appeared on the planet in a given location.
2. Players rush to the asset location, which is a Small Group Free-for-All zone.
3. Players have to fight off NPC's from the new faction in order to secure the asset. NPC's would probably not respawn. This gives people time to get to the asset.
4. They also have to fight off other players to secure the asset.
5. After doing something with the asset while fighting off other players, the team that secures the assets wins points and farm tremendous swtor credits for their guild.

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Speak out love to your Mother !Free 10000k swtor credits and 10% off swtor credits giveaway on 2014 Mother's Day from http://www.swtor2credits.com.
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