Causing Galling for Fasteners: How You Prevent This?

Posted December 4, 2021 by tychegulfoil

Galling is among the most prevalent issues that happen when you tighten fasteners. The word galling refers to a wear type that happens as multiple surfaces move against each other under load.

The rugged, sharp and small projections on one metal surface rubs across another, creating local stress. The stress will disrupt the passive metal oxide layers, leading to a deformation of plastic that not only creates local heating but also increases the adhesive attraction. Due to the galling phenomenon, materials from metal surfaces get attached to each other, developing a lump. The accumulation of too many lumps is likely to cause more galling in fasteners UAE products as well.

How to Avoid It
As one of the fasteners suppliers in UAE, we know that it is possible to avoid this phenomenon with many different steps, including the following.

Choose the Right Material

Some stainless-steel types are more susceptible to galling thanks to the atomic structure of these products. Strain-hardened and cold-formed SS products offer good galling resistance thanks to their reduced ductility and improved strength. Therefore, consider this point at the time you do business with any of the best fasteners suppliers in UAE too.

While premium fasteners can be like standard SS fasteners, superior material matters the most with regard to galling. Premium SS fasteners also usually have other features that can be important in several fastener applications. So, elucidate to your fasteners UAE supplier how you will use the fasteners, to help confirm optimized resistance to galling.

Reducing the Speed of Installation

The main factors that contribute to galling include the heat emerging from metallic adhesion and friction. Therefore, it is possible to help keep galling from happening with a reduction in the pace of installation. As part of this, do not use too many power tools to install materials susceptible to the galling issue, such as stainless-steel materials to name one.

Bringing Metal Joints Together without Bolts

As fastener options, bolts are not usually used to pull materials together into position. In the event of doing so with bolts, then galling in the fasteners UAE options is also more likely to happen. It is important to place the materials in a manner that allows enforcing the nut for the whole tightening procedure, with the additional use of clamps for holding the metallic joint together if required.

Applying a Lubricant

You can make galling less likely to occur with lubricants that aid you in combating the phenomenon. With proper lubrication, a material can slide past another in a way that does not cause friction. There are fastener producers that utilize custom-manufactured wax to aid in ensuring an optimum friction coefficient. Further, anti-galling and anti-seizing lubrications can aid in reducing the phenomenon.

Avoid Damaged Fastener Use

A bolt that has damaged or dented threads is more at risk of galling. Therefore, keep the above-mentioned in mind during and after doing business with hand tools suppliers in UAE as well. When receiving the purchase order, check the fastener you buy for the damage that is likely to happen at the time of shipping. Another risk factor for galling is the presence of debris in your bolt threads. This means it is also important to use clean bolts as part of fastening applications.
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