Gain Astromancer Credits in RS Treasure Hunter to Earn Outfits and More XP

Posted June 5, 2015 by dangreen

Would you like to win some awesome cosmetic wears in RS? Well, here is your chance. Gather credits from now on

Would you like to win some awesome cosmetic wears in RS? Well, here is your chance. Gather credits from now on, you will unlock Astromancer outfit and call down the meteor for more XP gains! Additionally, four faction-themed robe sets and pets are on offered! Cheap rs 3 gold is for sale on RS3gold for your preparation to hop into treasure hunter and fight against Tuska, take action!

How to gather Astromancer credits?

RS members will get 10 credits for free when first log in the game this weekend. Besides, there are another two methods for members, as well as free-to-play, to get credits.

Firstly, players who unlock treasure hunter from 00:00 UTC on June 4 to 23:59 UTC on June 8 will get the chance of collecting Astromancer credits.

Secondly, players can hop into the world event 3 and fight against Tuska, dealing damage to it will grant you some credits. It appears that this may be used to try and increase participation in the Tuska event as some players complain this promotion. Many players like that, at the very least, they are giving an option to get this stuff from playing the game and an incentive to stab Tuska more than once.

How to use Astromancer credits?

1. Assign credits to unlock four-faction themed outfits

Assign the collective credits to any of the following four factions: comprising Saradomin, Zamorak, Armadyl and the Godless with a certain amount, you will unlock the relative themed robe sets and pets: Hit 250 credits to unlock a cosmetic robe top; 500 credits to unlock a cosmetic robe bottom; and 750 credits to unlock a banner pet. Besides, assign 1000 credits to each faction - meaning 4000 credits for four factions, you will unlock an amazing Astromancer outfit. For those interested in how the outfits look, see some pictures shown below.

2. Use the awarded outfits to call down a meteor

Another surprise, after the Smouldering Lamps, for players who want to gain more XP – here you can use the five-piece cosmetic outfit to call down a meteor once per day to gain more XP in the skill of your choice. You will even get more XP if you choose one of your five lowest skills. In addition, a larger meteor can be gained by chance to up your xp gains. Note that each meteor uses up one charge, while it comes with 5 charges by default, and can be increased with more credits, up to 55, meaning that the more credits you collect, the more charges you will get to call down the meteor!

For players who want to get xp quickly, seize the chance to open treasure hunter or fight against Tuska as much as possible to collect more credits. Either way you choose, you can buy runescape 3 items or runescape 3 gold cheap on RS3gold!


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