A Healthy Male Organ Improves the Clothed Female, Non-clothed Male Experience

Posted June 5, 2015 by man1health

A man who has a CFNM (Clothed Female, Non-clothed Male) kink needs to make sure he has a healthy male organ to put on display whenever such situations arise.

Many men enjoy being unclothed, in many different situations, including that known as a CFNM experience – that is, Clothed Female, Non-clothed Male. Clearly, a man with a healthy male organ is going to be in a better position to get the most out of this experience, so guys who are into CFNM also need to be into practicing good male organ care.

What is CFNM?
CFNM is often described as a kink or obsession, but many men prefer to think of it as simply a sensual game. The truth is that it can be any or all of these things.

In its simplest terms, CFNM means a situation in which a man is unclothed while in the presence of one or more females who keep their clothing on. In some cases, there is no overt sensual interaction. For example, a man may clean the house in the buff while the clad woman looks on or a bare husband may read the paper as he and his bath-robed wife eat breakfast.

In other situations, there is a distinct sensual component involving the man. For example, the male may self-pleasure as the woman looks on. Alternatively, the male may be stroked or orally gratified by the female (or group of females). This sensual component may be employed in a "surface" manner (e.g., the man walks into the room and simply starts fondling his manhood) or in a role playing manner (e.g., a husband loses a bet with his wife and must self-stimulate in front of her and her friends).

Willing partners
In most instances, CFNM takes place among willing participants and has the flavor of a sensual game involving a couple or a group of consenting adults. In some cases, however, a man may choose to exhibit himself in a public situation or to a woman or women who are not interested in a CFNM situation. Men with the urge to do this should realize that such activity is illegal and could result in arrest. In addition, it may prove harmful to those who are forced into this situation against their will. CFNM should be experienced only among willing participants.

Prideful display
Most men who engage in CFNM do so in order to display their sensuality in a prideful manner. The female partner is often encouraged to praise his tool and the man's prowess with it. Often this can be therapeutic for men who have been taught to feel shame about their sensual desires. For example, scenarios that involve a woman "catching" the man self-gratifying can be liberating, especially if the woman expresses admiration or sensual feelings while watching the man self-pleasure.

Because many CFNM experiences focus on this prideful presentation of the manhood, it's important that male enthusiasts make sure they have something about which to boast. While many men associate "impressive size" with "boastful member," what is often much more important is the health of the tool. Most women are going to be more complimentary toward a rod of modest proportions that is blessed with smooth, unblemished skin than with a "monster" that is covered in flaky, peeling skin and gives off an unpleasant odor.

Proper hygiene is crucial, of course, but the dedicated CFNM player in search of a healthy male organ to flaunt is well advised to make the use of a superior male organ health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) part of his daily routine. Natural moisturizing elements (such as the high-end emollient Shea butter and the natural hydrator vitamin E) found in the best of these crèmes help to keep dry, cracked and flaky skin at bay and help the exposed member to exhibit a healthy glow. If ongoing odor is a problem, selecting a crème with a strong anti-bacterial ingredient, such as vitamin A, is an absolute must. And finally, vitamin C supports proper collagen production, which gives an extra boost to manhood tissue firmness, a plus for any male who enjoys strutting his stuff for an appreciative lady.

Visit http://www.menshealthfirst.com for additional information on most common manhood health issues, tips on improving member sensitivity and what to do to maintain a healthy male organ. John Dugan is a professional writer who specializes in men's health issues and is an ongoing contributing writer to numerous websites.
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