Elder Scrolls Online Xbox One PS4: Tamriel Unlimited hit by new server issues

Posted June 17, 2015 by dangreen

ELDER Scrolls Online has encountered fresh server issues concerning players on the PS4 and Xbox One, Zenimax have confirmed.

ELDER Scrolls Online has encountered fresh server issues concerning players on the PS4 and Xbox One, Zenimax have confirmed.

UPDATE: Bethesda revealed a new teaser trailer during its E3 conference on Sunday night, showing what new locations and content is heading for Tamriel Unlimited.

The Imperial City made an appearance alongside the realm of the Orcs and other new places to visit.

You can check out the video featuring the changes coming to Elder Scrolls Online, below.

UPDATE 00:45: Problems concerning both the Xbox One server in North America and the PS4 server in Europe has now been resolved.

That's according to Zenimax's support team, posting on Twitter: "The issues related to logging in to the Xbox One NA megaserver have been resolved. Thank you for your patience!

UPDATE: The Elder Scrolls Online team are now investigating further server troubles, this time related to the Xbox One Na megaserver.

An official post from the support team reads: "We are currently investigating issues some players are having regarding logging into the Xbox One North American megaserver.

"The login server is under maintenance. The game server is still up, so players who are in the game are not affected."

The issues affecting the Xbox One NA megaserver was first noted at around 11pm UK time and continue to stop those players trying to rejoin the game.

The problems concerning the logging in issues on the PlayStation 4 European megaserver were reported to be resolved at around 22:00 UK time, earlier on Sunday.

UPDATE 21:25: Zenimax has confirmed that select groups of users are now finding their way back onto the PS4 EU megaserver, having waited several hours to login in to the service again.

The ESO support team on Twitter confirmed: "We're seeing people slowly trickle into PS4 EU.

"The issue hasn't been completely resolved yet, but things are looking better."

UPDATE: Elder Scrolls Online continues to suffer from an earlier outage for players on the PS4 EU Megaserver, the ESO support team have confirmed.

Having set 8pm as the time to deliver more news on when fans would be able to log back on, it was revealed there was no news and users would have to wait a further two hours to find out more.

"There are no changes to the status of the login server outage for the PS4 ESOTU megaserver," an official ESO post reads

"We are continuing to work on resolving this issue as quickly as possible.

"We'll have another update at 10PM BST. Thank you all for your patience."

UPDATE: The ESO support team have given fans on the PS4 an update on the current server issues, commenting that they are still investigating what has caused the outage.

Using the official Twitter account, they explained: "We are still investigating the login issues on the PS4 EU megaserver, and don't have an ETA at this time. When we have one, we'll share it."

"We're still working on the login server issues impacting the EU PS4 megaserver. If you're in the game, you can play. It's just impacting those who are trying to log in. We'll be posting updates in this thread."

It is unclear if PS4 users on the NA megaserver are being affected on the same level as their EU counterparts, while some players have advised switching to the NA server if they have setup a character on it.

An update to clarify the situation is expected at around 8pm UK time.

The developers are currently investigating reports of new issues affecting the online title, which experienced a rocky launch earlier this month.

Having expanded the game from PC to Xbox One and PS4, the MMO went through the usual teething problems, leading to online outages and a new queueing system being added to access Tamriel Unlimited.

However the login queuing system is currently displaying the incorrect wait time and queue placement, being put down to just a visual display bug that will be fixed in the next patch, which has yet to be announced.

Now the official Elder Scrolls Online Twitter page has given an update on the current situation surrounding the game.

"We are investigating issues players are having logging into the PlayStation 4 EU megaserver, and will update with info as it's available," the support team explained.

An official message on the ESO website reads: "While we are still encountering an overwhelming demand to play ESOTU on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, we are working around the clock to resolve any remaining login issues and increase server capacity.

"During peak times, you should expect to be placed into a queue with a wait time of up to one hour. Please note that the queue screen does not currently display your proper place in line or estimated wait time, but you are indeed in queue; this is just a display error, and will be fixed later tonight (6/12.)"

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