Is Trados Useful or Not?

Posted April 16, 2017 by BrianJMiller

Have you heard about translation tools like cat tools and you would like to know how they work? Would you like to hire a translation agency

Have you heard about translation tools like cat tools and you would like to know how they work? Would you like to hire a translation agency that works with trados? If this is the case you should become familiar with the most common tools and the advantages they offer.

One of the most commonly used cat tools is the translation memory. This tool creates and uses translation memory, which is a file that stores segments of translated text. The program remembers each sentence it has previously translated, thus saving the translator from having to translate the same thing twice. Next, there is terminology management, also known as TM that has a tool that creates and manages glossaries. This enables translators to create their own glossaries and the terms that exist in the glossary are automatically identified and highlighted by the program.

When it comes to cat tools advantages we should definitely mention concordance. Why should you go through the trouble of having to translate the same sentence twice when you can use a function called concordance that involves the creation of a table where the word you search for appears within the textual context? Word count calculates the words that need to be translated. How would you like to use a program that translates all sorts of file types? TM programs are designed to support various file formats and these can be opened and translated without having the respective programs installed. Also, the translator is able to deliver translated files without struggling to maintain the formatting of the original file or fearing that he will alter the coding.

For various translation projects the use of trados is a necessity. Those who translate technical texts need these memories for they are an inevitable prerequisite. If you have to translate a technical document you should hire an agency that uses trados and this should be your top selection criteria. Manuals, brochures, website and software files should be translated only with the help of these tools. We should emphasize the fact that the functionality of these programs leads to a significant reduction in the time required to translate these files. Also, technical documents have high volume of repetitions.

Terminology management plug-ins contribute to translating a consistent document and this is a top priority for all customers. Some texts contain codes that should not be altered by the translator and thanks to these tools you no longer have to worry about these problems. They can be used successfully to protect the code and to give access to the text that needs to be translated. These tools maintain the file format and the text formatting and thus they facilitate the internal workflow of the company. To summarize, it is definitely a plus to hire an agency that uses trados.

Would you like to know more about trados ( ) and the advantages it offers? Our translators work better and faster thanks to cat tools ( ) .
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