Luxury Hotel Furniture Suppliers Introduces The Maintenance Requirements For Furniture Of Different Materials

Posted April 29, 2021 by zhuangheningbo

Luxury Hotel Furniture Suppliers introduces the maintenance methods of furniture of different materials:

Luxury Hotel Furniture Suppliers introduces the maintenance methods of furniture of different materials:

1. Rub walnut oil on solid wood furniture to prevent moisture:

Maintenance method: When the solid wood board hotel furniture does not appear cold or mildewed, you can put a moisture-proof bag such as a moisture-proof agent inside the furniture to solve the problem of dampness. After scrubbing with a dry cotton towel, wipe a layer of walnut oil to prevent moisture.

Moisture solution: After the solid wood board hotel furniture is damp, if the condition is not serious, it should be ventilated and dried immediately; if cold or mildew appears, use an absorbent sponge to stick to the surface of the hotel furniture to prevent moisture, and use a mild detergent to remove the mildew. Remove, then carry out dehumidification. Refit moisture-proof cushions under the legs of the hotel room furniture, which is very easy to absorb moisture, and leave a natural ventilation distance close to the wall and the wall of the bathroom.

2. Placing moisture-proof pads on flat-panel furniture: If the edging of flat-panel hotel room furniture is not solved properly, it is very easy to swell and deform. Flat-panel furniture must be paid attention to and the edging solution must be added to prevent moisture.

Maintenance method: pay attention to the cleaning of the joints of the hotel room furniture to prevent dust and residue from absorbing moisture and causing cracking. In the joints and other parts that are very easy to absorb moisture, a closed countermeasure should be done.

Moisture solution: Residents of low-rise buildings should place moisture-proof mats under flat-panel hotel room furniture. After getting damp, immediately put a moisture-proof bag to absorb moisture.

3. Wipe leather maintenance oil on leather furniture

Maintenance method: Before the damp weather comes, first use a soft wet towel to remove the ash, and then apply a layer of mink oil, lanolin, leather product oil and other leather furniture special maintenance oil on the surface, which can not only prevent moisture, but also maintain Fabric furniture color.

Moisture solution: If mildew appears on the surface of the leather furniture, use a mildew remover to eliminate the mildew, and then apply leather maintenance oil.

4. Fabric curtain furniture magical hair dryer, vacuum cleaner

Maintenance method: Cloth curtains are very easy to adhere to dust. Usually, you should do a good job in ash removal to prevent mold in damp weather.

Moisture solution: If the fabric sofa is damp, you can use a sofa cover with strong water absorption capacity, and the art fabric sofa should use a professional vacuum cleaner to absorb the dust on its surface. It is best to use a sofa cover with good water absorption capacity, and it is often used. Clean up.

Through the above introduction, 5 Star Hotel Furniture Wholesaler hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.
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