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One cannot disagree with the fact that physical therapy has become an immensely important part of the wellness sector. This is precisely why Vardan has done the very best to truly redefined the physiotherapy sector.

One cannot disagree with the fact that physical therapy has become an immensely important part of the wellness sector. This is precisely why Vardan has done the very best to truly redefined the physiotherapy sector. Vardan motto of Live Efficient echoes the sentiments with which they manage their operations in order to provide the best of the best to their clients. Of the many things that Vardan is sought after for, their Functional Manual Therapy or FMT in India has definitely carved a niche for itself in the competitive health sector and rightly so.

Known to be amongst the best pain management center Delhi has on offer, Vardan provides a vast number of services to its clients at their chronic pain management clinic.

Vardan is adept at offering the best pain management for back pain issues, neck pain treatments and even offering post-operative rehabilitation facilities. There is literally nothing this clinic cannot do when it comes to pain management. However, of the many things they are known for, their FMT or functional manual therapy has found a huge following solely because it provides such amazing results.

It is a fact that every client and patient of Vardan who had undergone this treatment swears by it for making them a happier, pain-free, confident and mobile version of themselves. The FMT services of Vardan doesn't only treat the pain, but it also treats the fear associated with the pain. As a result, their clients come out of the FMT service being able to live a full life without the fear of feeling pain again.

Developed by Gregory S Johnson and Vicky Saliba Johnson, the Functional Manual Therapy at Vardan has truly changed the world of physiotherapy. Of the many things that this therapy aims at, providing the client with improved performance by improving their body mobility as a whole is the main aim. The therapy took close to 75 years of combined efforts by the co-founders to come to fruition and now it is truly helping people live their lives to the fullest!

Functional Manual therapy at Vardan helps amazingly in pointing out particular issues and even limitations when it comes to the mobility that a person faces. This could be an issue with their joints or tissues. But the diagnosis does not stop there. Rarely there are times when the issue is with the neurovascular tissues any the Functional Manual Therapy is able to pin point towards that as well. It is of the utmost importance that mobility issues in such parts be resolved as over time, a person could very end up losing the ability to control the simplest of tasks in their day to day lives.

Functional Manual Therapy has proven to be a wonderful tool in the physiotherapist's arsenal as it has helped them understand the kind of effect limited mobility of a person might have non-weight bearing functions and weight-bearing functions of a body.

The uniqueness of the Functional Manual Therapy does not stop here. Did you know that the program, apart from being able to combine the treatment to restore mobility in the joints and muscles of a person also practices a process called neuromuscular facilitation? The main purpose of the neuromuscular facilitation is essentially to help the body use the right muscles at the appropriate time. Apart from the timing of the usage, the strength with which it is used is also determined by this process. This brilliant process combined with one's control over one’s motor skills makes for an amazing therapy option for anyone suffering from mobility issues.

Let us now talk about the Core First approach, developed by Vicky Johnson. This is another process that is included in the Functional Manual Therapy program. Most of the conventional treatment approaches in the market emphasize on the fact that their patients and clients need to consciously engage and activate their core when they are engaging in their daily activities. This is where the Core First approach differs from the rest

Automatic Core Engagement or ACE is something they try to develop in their client's body. What ACE simply is, is the use of different postures combined with the kind of awareness the clients’ might have about the movement and position of his or her body. This when paired with the muscle sensitivity aspect of the Core First approach ends up making for an amazing part of the Functional Manual Therapy.

Vardan simply wants to gift each and every one of their clients, by using the revolutionary Functional Manual Therapy program the mechanical ability to increase their mobility which they might have lost due to some reason. Other than that, they also look into strengthening the muscular system of their clients in order to help them endure the wear and tear of everyday life. Self-sufficiency is what Vardan wants for their clients at the end of the day and they keep on doing this every step of the way.

The Functional Manual Therapy that Vardan has on offer has proven to be revolutionary and has truly provided a new lease of life to many people in the best way possible.

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