Come See Our Most Popular Authors Chosen To Enjoy Fame! Some Have Book-To-Movie Projects Too!

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The search continues by The Whole World News™ to find 100 of the top indie authors.

Science Hill, Ky, USA, October 7th, 2020: Whether you are a reader or an author, our Indie Authors Wall of Fame has something for everyone.

Are you looking for books voted worthy of reading? Then by all means, visit The Indie Authors’ Wall of Fame™! It is being stampeded by new readers looking for page-turning books of every genre. To wet your reading appetite, we have provided a list of top picks below.

Book-to-Movie Project.

Wrong Place, Wrong Time by David P Perlmutter.
“As well as Golden Mile Productions and No Reservations Entertainment for my Book-to-Movie True Story, Wrong Place, WrongTime, we are all delighted to welcome onto the team, Bafta and Oscar-winning Executive Producer Mark Foligno from movies such as The Kings Speech and Moon! Casting is underway and filming is planned for Spring 2021!”

Book-to-Movie Project.

The Adventures of Tom McGuire by Rayner Tapia.
The Adventures of Tom McGuire, book-to-movie/TV series, beckons its reader to engage in each adventure. At present, The Adventures of Tom McGuire are currently with renowned Hollywood scriptwriters, who were involved in many outstanding movies, including Sleeping Beauty. Golden Mile Productions is actively seeking funding for this project to begin. There has been some prominent interest and support shown by many eminent people, including Martin G. Baker, part of the Henson group and creator of The Dark Crystal and The Labyrinth, to name a few. The multi award-winning books have been compared to the film The NeverEnding Story. Please watch for updates, and let the story begin.

Book-to-Movie Project.

OCEANIA by Dede Stockton
OCEANIA is an entertainment company partnering with successful children's author, Dede Stockton. Five years in the making, she birthed a book series that kids love. This story is now being made into an animated film screenplay. Dede's story begins with a young girl named Sammi Jo, whose “can-do†spirit creates adventure wherever she travels. The real “magic†begins when she is able to swim underwater with her new friend, a huge sea companion, who happens to be the real hero of the story.

Siege at Goldfield by Phil Running Bear
The first book in a series of six. The author has moved to Goldfield, AZ seeking to write the western series with first-hand knowledge. Old-fashioned western values.

ZEEKA CHRONICLES by Brenda Mohammed.
Inspired by the zika virus, Stephen Sharpe focuses on avenging evil Zeeka and restoring sanity to the island of Gosh, in a tale where zombies and robots take center stage.

Diary of a Canadian Nobody by Paul James
Can Arthur survive a world at war, a corporate takeover, and two teenagers? Terrorists have destroyed the WTC, the West has invaded Afghanistan, and new Corporate bosses bring their own brand of Terror—layoffs!

The Frenchman's Daughters by Paul Sinkinson
The daughters of a French railway engineer are thrown together with a number of British and French soldiers in the aftermath and turmoil of WW2 events that followed the Dunkirk evacuation in 1940.

World of Rage by A. Shane Etter
Georgia Author Of The Year Nominee 2020. A VIRUS is wreaking havoc on the planet and seems intent on killing everybody. A timely tale of postapocalyptic dystopian survival.

Sons of the Sphinx by Cheryl Carpinello
Rosa hears the dead, but she ignores them until one appears in her room!Summoned to solve a mystery in 1330 BC Egypt. Discover the truth and stay alive. Thrilling time travel. Gripping action. Unforgettable characters.

The Ancestor’s Secrets Series: Protected by the Falcon and Chosen by the Sword by Erika M Szabo:
Mystery, legends, obscure clan traditions and beliefs, life in a secret society, love, time travel, and magical powers collide in this enchanting epic fantasy, hailed “Mystical and Unique.”

I MAY KILL YOU by Keith Dixon
ISN’T IT EASY TO FIND A SERIAL KILLER WHO TELLS YOU WHO HE’S GOING TO KILL? When his list includes several hundred people, perhaps not.

Margie Surprises Doc by Virginia K. White
Can an opossum become a member of Doc’s yard family? She has poor vision and hearing, is a fighter, but has a good heart. Doc’s yard family wants to surprise him for his birthday. What will Olivia do?

Bandit, the Chubby Chihuahua by Pat Postek
An inspiring story about a lovable canine’s journey of adoption. Bandit’s life is forever changed by his owner’s kindness and his new friend’s wisdom. The life lessons of friendship, love, and acceptance.

The Missing Shield by L L Thomsen
When high fantasy becomes epic . . . Childhood friends at odds: Solancei is oath-sworn to protect Iambre with her life, but when danger strikes, will paying the ultimate price be enough, or will treason undo them both?

Daughter Of Ethos: Divine Justice Book 4 by L. M. Lacee author and a finalist of the Book Excellence Awards 2019
After the first three books, we now find Peyton and her sisters pondering on the difference between justice and retribution when they experience a form of punishment they have never witnessed in the past.

How to Boil Water by Pamela A Clark
When sadness creeps into our busy and hectic lives, How to Boil Water encourages us to live our life to the fullest by remembering and sharing memories of those we miss.

While the O'Rourke team investigates the death of Ryan’s best friend, the danger of 3D technology is exposed as a scientist goes rogue and pulls out all the stops to cover his tracks.

A Killing in Rio Vista by Peter C. Bradbury
When a young boy snags a woman's torso while out fishing with his grandfather, it falls to Officer Julie Morales to find out who her killer is. This small-town murder mystery is very engrossing.

DEATH MASK by Eric J. Gates
(Notorious Minds boxset). How do you tell the people who love you, you've lied to them since you met? A carefully constructed lie, albeit, but a lie nevertheless.
One that could get them killed!

The final book in REFLECTIONS OF LOVE. Intriguing, plot-twisting puzzle pieces fit together with thrills and romance. The past comes full circle and riddles abound.

When Angels Fly by S. Jackson, A. Raymond, and M. Schmidt ". . . and at that moment, she found out that she must be stronger than ever before, or she would not survive."

THE DEAD AT HEART by Susanne Leist.
The final book in THE DEAD GAME SERIES. Linda and her best friend, Shana, join Todd and Sheriff Sam as they chase vampires from an exclusive club at Disney World through Florida's vast swamplands.

Dragons in the Clouds by David Blair
A wizard is compelled to help a family of Dragons escape the annihilation of their species. He grants them the spell of weightlessness and tells them to hide within the cover of the clouds.

Chomper my Bearded Dragon by Carmen Swick
This charming story of a young boy and his lizard Chomper find themselves on a whim taking a private plane to Australia. They learn lessons about friendship and forgiveness when a Kangaroo steals their map.

Queen Vernita’s Visitors educational series by Dr. Dawn Menge
Join Queen Vernita and her friends as they enjoy fun activities throughout the Oceaneers Kingdom. Parents and teachers will love teaching the Flora and Fauna of each new region through her storytelling adventures.

This list is just a small sample of what is on our growing Wall of Fame. Visit the following website and check out our collection from around the world and say hi. It's an Authors Hall of Fame.

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