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Posted May 25, 2012 by wawan12

Best subwoofer is needed if you are looking for some extra loudness and bass response effect for your home theater or audiophile system.

Best subwoofer is needed if you are looking for some extra loudness and bass response effect for your home theater or audiophile system. For most people, finding the Best Subwoofer is not that easy. First, you should ask these questions to yourself. Do you want to really extend your bass response or just for extra loudness? Then, what is your budget? What size do you need? And do you prefer a plain or customized look on the subwoofer boxes?

Best Subwoofers Tips
First, no matter what kind of Subwoofers you have, they are going to give you different results on different use. For example, the bass that gives you loud effect when enjoying your favorite action movie will give you muddy or bloated effect when you listen to your jazz music. You should know that the accurate bass does not always sound cool, but it sounded real. Best Subwoofer for home has the price range between $300 and $450. For video based applications, the quality of bass is as important as the quality. If the budget is tight, you should try to get many subwoofers or on other words, rely on the quantity power. You also need to try or demo any speaker and subwoofers you are considering to buy in your home system.

You need to take some time to experiment the functions and features to see if it will satisfy you on the long term because most store demos can be a set up so it sounded great in the store. You also need to consider your taste, is it going to last for a long time or not. Because as I said earlier that the loud effect might be work for some action blockbuster movies, but it might not that good for listening music. So you might love the loud effect for a while but not for a long time. A really good subwoofer will integrate so seamlessly into the system you have, but of course for great sound effects, you should add ambience in the soundstage. The system must not sound as a separate sound, but it should be sound in tune and integrated with the music.

Best Subwoofer Performance Tricks
If you already have subwoofer system in your home but it does not sound as good as you want it to be, don’t throw it all away just yet because it may not placed in the right way. The right placement is very important for all sound system, but placing the subwoofer need some hard work. To make the subwoofer to sound right, you must place the subwoofer on the side walls, right in the middle between front and rear walls. It is the most effective way yet simple. Another technique known as “crawling for bass” which you should place the subwoofer in your listening position and move around the room on your hands and knees to listen for best bass reproduction, and put the subwoofer there. It may seem stupid but apparently it works for some people. Another simple way is to place it between 2 main speakers, away from the front wall.

For the Subwoofer to sound better, you also need to adjust the subwoofer to the sound system. Before playing the subwoofer, you should adjust the crossover. For large floor standing main speaker, set the sub crossover at 50Hz-80Hz and for small speakers, set at 80Hz-160Hz. Next, turn on the power and set the sub’s volume. The last thing you need to do is to adjust the phase control to normal position. With these steps, hopefully your sound system will sounded great and you will have that Best Subwoofer sound.

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