Moving assistance and transport in Berlin during the corona pandemic

Posted May 24, 2021 by Umzugshelfer-Berlin

Corona having a huge impact on the economy and affects many industries such as wellness and hospitality. These industries had to accept a total loss. But what about other companies? We invited Mr. N. Souki to an interview.

Moving assistance and transport in Berlin during the corona pandemic

The corona pandemic is currently having a huge impact on the economy and affects many industries such as wellness and hospitality like hotels, and restaurant. These industries had to accept a total loss. Meanwhile, other industries areas such as logistics, courier, package delivery, and mail service are not hit that bad as the online shop orders rose sharply. But what about relocation transport helpers? Did the moving assistance companies suffer just as the hospitality industry or on the contrary? To get to the bottom of this question, we invited Mr. N. Souki from the moving company "Umzugshelfer Berlin" to an interview.

The moving company "Umzugshelfer Berlin" has been specializing in the area of ​​moving, transport / small transport as well as heavy transport, moving helpers as well as arranging students and renovation work since 2000. At the beginning of 2000, the demand rose sharply due to a high migration to Berlin and many orders placed to moving companies.

With the rapidly changing economic situation in the real estate sector, the demand for many people to move to Berlin, as well as, to move from central Berlin to the suburban area is also increased. Yet, for many citizens, the financial outlay that has to be made when hiring professional moving companies was and is too costly. The moving company "Umzugshelfer Berlin" initially specialized in arranging students to help them move. This offer was and still is a very cost-effective alternative to professional moving companies. The moving company now employs its staff and has a relatively large fleet of vehicles, so that larger moving orders can also be professionally implemented. Nevertheless, it is still possible to receive particularly favorable offers from student relocation assistance.

As the demand for moving companies increased, so did the supply of moving companies and the number of competitors in the moving transport industry. In particular, the number of start-ups of small moving transport companies offering their services at dumping prices increased.

With the outbreak of the Corona pandemic in early 2020, the request plummeted in the wake of the shock to the population. But what we can do when a move is unavoidable and difficult to cancel or postpone? Even though the number of moving transport orders and relocations dropped sharply at first, but the demand in Berlin is still high on average. Of course, life must go on during the pandemic and most moves take place because of major personal changes. According to Mr. Suki from the company "Umzugshelfer Berlin", some removals were ordered because of the Corona Pandemic.

I am very pleased that Mr. N. Suki took the time to give us more information about his situation. Find out more about the current economic situation in the area of ​​moving and transport in Berlin in the following interview.

O. Beutler
First of all, the most important question for me: Are relocations possible in the current lockdown and if so, how will they be implemented?

N. Souki
The current lockdown mainly affects the business areas where several people usually come together or have to be in closer contact. Companies offering services in the craft sector must take precautions. These are for their protection and the protection of their customers. Our moving helpers always wear breathing masks and try to keep the safety distance of 1.50 m or 2 m. In the past, we gave our customers the option of helping with the relocation work to reduce relocation costs. But for our customer safety, we now recommend them to accompany the move at a great distance.

O. Beutler
Does your statement mean that moving is currently becoming more expensive?

N. Souki
Our moving prices have not changed. Even particularly favorable students' prices can still be arranged. However, the possibility to reduce moving costs even further by having our customers help is severely limited. Nevertheless, they can do a lot of work before or after our assignment.

O. Beutler
To what extent did the entire Corona pandemic, including all lockdowns, affect your moving company?

N. Souki
It hit us particularly hard at the beginning of 2020. However, with the general acceptance that we would probably have to live with this difficult situation for a longer time, the number of moving orders gradually increased. Of course, absences due to illness hit us just as hard as other companies! At the slightest suspicion of illness - even a simple cold - we sent our employee into domestic quarantine with the recommendation to be tested for Corona. With this measure, we were able to avoid a possible total absence.

O. Beutler
What is your future forecast in the field of moving and transport? Have you planned any changes in your offer to adapt to the situation?

N. Souki
I assume that the need for moving orders will not decrease any further. People will keep moving, doesn't matter for personal or professional reasons. We, therefore, do not plan to change our offers. Of course, we have put our expansion plans on hold. We hope that the measures taken by our government will soon bear fruit so that the situation normalizes as far as possible.

We update the information on our website daily: "Umzugshelfer Berlin". In this way, all visitors can find out about current offers, measures or restrictions.


Mr. Souki also announced that he is in close contact with other moving companies and that they are also making similar or the same statements. This leads to the conclusion that in the current pandemic there are fortunately companies that are not hit losses as hard as many other companies. Especially against the background that the state aid arrives very late, as can be seen from many reports. The moving company "Umzugshelfer Berlin" was not dependent on state support so far.

Special great respect is to be paid to the craftsmen who currently have to do physically demanding work and who have to struggle with restrictions such as the respiratory protection mask. Of course, medical workers, employees in the teaching profession, and those who work in care should not be forgotten. Our future would be hard to imagine without your outstanding and special commitment!
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