Defining communication skills, understanding its advantages and how to improve communication skills using 7Cs

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Any skills which are needed in order to convey any information by written, gestures or verbal ability are known as communication skills.

“We all use language to communicate, to express ourselves, to get our ideas across, and to connect with the person to whom we are speaking. When a relationship is working, the act of communicating seems to flow relatively effortlessly. When a relationship is deteriorating, the act of communicating can be as frustrating as climbing a hill of sand.” by Chip Rose.”

Hyderabad, India: The word ‘Communication’ is derived from the Latin word ‘commūnicāre’ which means ‘to share’, hence communication means the ‘sharing’ of information within a group or among individuals (two at least) to come out to a common understanding. Communication, according to G.G. Brown, is defined as “the transfer of information from one person to another, whether or not it elicits confidence; but the information transferred must be understandable to the receiver”.

Any skills which are needed in order to convey any information by written, gestures or verbal ability are known as communication skills. We spend a large amount of time in communicating with people around us. Hence it has become important to improve communication skills. Other than being a good writer and speaker, a person should also be a good listener in order to be called a good communicator. Therefore, to become an effective communicator, an individual should have all the desired qualities such as good reader, writer, speaker and listener and to improve communication skills all the people must always follow the 7Cs (explained below).

It is important for everyone to improve communication skills, so as to succeed in his/her career, or building relationships, managing people etc. Though there are many advantages of having good communication skills, some of the key advantages of having good communication skills are as follows:

In personal life, communicating effectively and sharing ideas, feelings and thoughts with clarity helps to understand each other can help in building relationships;
In professional life, having good communication skills can help in getting a good job in a multinational organization, helps in leading which eventually results in promotions and higher designations;
Good communication makes good orators;
According to various studies, it has been observed that good communicators have higher self-esteem and are mainly extroverted; and
Having excellent communication skills helps in building better rapport with clients and customers.
To improve communication skills and become an effective communicator, a person should follow the basic principles of professional communication skills which are also defined as 7 Cs. These principles help a person with respect to providing guidelines for the content and better styles of presenting the same to the audience. The 7Cs are explained below as follows:

Clear: The message should be point to point and clear while conveying it to others
Concise: Using simple words and saying only what is needed or required as per the topic and audience.
Concrete: Using exact words and phrases
Correct: The message should be free from errors, i.e. spellings, language, and grammar should be correct
Coherent: The terms used by an individual should make sense and should be related to the main topic
Complete: The message to be conveyed or passed should have all the needed information
Courteous: Being respectful, friendly and honest
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