Choosing the Right Wardrobes for Your Home

Posted July 11, 2020 by SarahAddyson

Wardrobes are essential in every home, because these fittings are especially designed to store clothing and accessories, in an organized manner.

Wardrobes are essential in every home, because these fittings are especially designed to store clothing and accessories, in an organized manner. There are so many amazing designs nowadays, colors, types of doors, to complement the rest of the room perfectly. Choosing the right model is a challenge, because you might not know how to start looking, what matters the most, what are the available options, and such. Homeowners that want to save space and use as much as possible for their belongings should look into built in wardrobes, being both functional and aesthetical. 

Why Focus on Wardrobes

When it comes to wardrobes, many elements matter and will influence the final result. There are different options to look into, not only for the furniture element itself, but for manufacturers and specialized shops as well. For example, you can go for a furniture shop and purchase a wardrobe you see on display. It will look nice and practical, but perhaps it will not fit perfectly and the compartments inside will not meet your expectations. On the other hand, there is the option to custom elements and find a provider that designs them from scratch. 

This means you can choose from different materials, colors, you can personalize the interior, the doors, add mirrors or glass elements, and more. Based on the size of the room and how much space it is available for the wardrobe, you can discuss with specialists to design a model that fits perfectly. For example, in case you have a smaller room, you can choose a sliding door wardrobe. This design does not occupy a lot of space and it is more convenient to use. On one side it can have shelves and drawers, and on the other rails for hangers, to satisfy multiple needs and clothing collections. 

What Are Built in Wardrobes 

Those who don’t want to compromise space and make use of it as much as possible should opt for built in wardrobes . They present many advantages, especially because there is no need to spend hours in stores looking for the perfect design. Not to mention they maximize space and they are integrated in the room directly. Not all rooms are symmetrical and have the necessary length and height to fit free-standing models. The good news is that a built-in wardrobe fits into all spaces, no matter how awkward they are, including L-shaped corners, around windows, and such. 

Whenever you integrate a new furniture piece, it should complement the interior and look great no matter what. Designing your own wardrobe means you can be in sync with all décor elements and focus on the finish and color that match everything else in the room. Perhaps you want a darker or lighter shade, acrylic finishes, handles of specific materials, traditional wood for traditional interiors, and more. You can adjust it in many ways, so that you end up completely satisfied and appreciate the final result, using the piece to store your clothes and other belongings in an efficient and pleasant manner. 

Nowadays, wardrobes  don’t have to be plain and simple, they can feature interesting details that make the furniture items stand out in a room. For instance, you can add lighting, so you don’t have to use the light in the room or the external light source to find a specific clothing piece. Especially in the morning, or in the evening when the light is dim, you will certainly appreciate turning on the light inside the wardrobe to see better. This way, all your clothes are on display and you can mix and match them easier, finding even those put in the back. LED strip lights can be added in shelves and spotlights at the top of the wardrobe for full display. 

Custom wardrobes are appreciated by everyone, because they add a personal touch to the room. You will have a design especially made for you and there are fewer chances to encounter it in someone else’s home. Not to mention the attention to detail is higher and you can expect a greater quality. When you ask for quotes, you can expect paying more for personalized services, but keep in mind that you don’t replace your wardrobe too often and you will use it on a daily basis, so it makes sense to invest in it, to enjoy it for a longer period of time. 

When you go shopping for wardrobes, you have to struggle to find a model that fits in your room. Maybe you like the design, but it doesn’t fit, or maybe you don’t like the doors, the color and finish, and such. There are so many combinations and the struggle builds up. It shouldn’t be that way; when you discuss with a specialist that designs furniture pieces and develop them based on specific requirements, you don’t have to see someone else. Along with him/her, you go through all details, from start to finish. 

Why Find Built-in Wardrobes 
Built in wardrobes allow a high level of customization, you can focus on the right height and size that match perfectly with the space and you have the freedom to combine colors and finishes, door types even. The ideal wardrobe needs to offer enough space for all clothes and accessories, in a way they are not cramped inside. If you know where to look and who to talk to, you can achieve this. 

You can even look online for professionals specialized in built in wardrobes, ask for quotes and look through catalogues, to see what materials they use, what finishes, what types of doors they have and what they designed so far. If you like what they present, discuss openly about your needs and what you expect from the wardrobe, the design of the room, find out how to complement it better. 

Many providers showcase their work online and it is easier for clients to browse through portfolios and get in touch. After establishing all details, they start the project and deliver the built-in wardrobes to your door. Some offer installation services, while others recommend such specialists within the area. 
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