Material for the Making of the Injection Molding Machines

Posted October 14, 2014 by metzgerjim5

Injection molding makes use of a number of materials and can be called the joint effort of all the processes used together.

First, it consists of an injection that has a high pressure where the material is injected first. This material is then pushed into, or rather forced into a cavity that which has been shaped in the form of the part that is required to be manufactured. So the basic formation of the injection mold are these two parts where the material is first injected and molten (the injection barrel) and then the material is pushed into a shape and then cooled and solidified (the cavity).
Now, while the process of injection molding is used to produce a huge number of parts, these molds can be made into several ways. There can be ones with a single cavity and then there can be those having different separate cavities. These cavities could be identical to each other or they could be of different shapes each depending on what is expected of the injection mold, or more likely, what the injection mold has been made to produce.
Mostly, injection molding machines are made of tools steel, but in some cases, aluminum or stainless steel are also put to use. These aluminum molds are intolerant of huge volumes or sometimes even parts that have a narrow tolerance of dimension. This might be because of their inferior or lower mechanical properties due to which they are more prone to wear. They are easily damaged and they also tend to get deformed during the process of clamping and injection cycles.
But when it comes to production of materials in low volume, they can prove to be very cost effective. This is because the time required to fabricate the mold is reduced greatly and so is the cost of the fabrication.
When it comes to the steel injection molding machines, they happen to be sturdier and can be responsible for the production of well over a million parts. Of course, along with the services they provide, the cost of production is also added to the list which could extend to hundreds or even thousands of dollars.
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