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Posted October 15, 2014 by metzgerjim5

You can make your 45 year old mother feel great by gifting her with a novelty ID card which shows that she is just 22. The fake IDs, if used properly, can immensely fuel your life with a lot of fun.

Have you ever had any kind of fun using the fake ID cards? Life is an invaluable gift from the Almighty, and it is never guaranteed for the second term. And, you have full right to live a life full of fun and enjoyment. Many of the people love to have great fun using the fake IDs and thus ward off the monotony of life. The fake ID cards are a great way of having fun. You can also play a friendly prank with your friends. Some of the people even play funny pranks with strangers and record them with cameras for fun. You may have several ways of having fun in life, and if you are really a fun-lover; the fake IDs become one of the prominent alternatives to laugh and make others laugh.
Is it illegal to use the fake ID cards?
The fake ID cards should be used only for fun and in a legal way. Creating the existing IDs such as passport, learner’s permit, and driving license, etc is illegal. It is illegal to show the fake ID as a proof of your driving license to the authorities. The fake or novelty IDs are merely for entertainment purposes. Showing them as the proof of your identity is an unlawful act. Again, in most of the countries, only the people over the age of eighteen are entitled to use the fake IDs. The makers or creators of the fake IDs make it very clear in their agreement that they do not make the existing IDs. You may be highly excited to have a card for fun; however, it is better to understand the terms and conditions of using the novelty IDs before you actually order to make one for yourself.
Practical jokes with novelty IDs
There are several practical jokes you can do with your friends. You can pretend to be a reputed university student, a security guard, and garbage cleaner etc, or you can surprise the people that you are just 24 while your actual age is 34.
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