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Posted October 16, 2014 by metzgerjim5

Glasses are the most important tools for people who have some vision related problems.

It is said that eating specific sets of vegetables and fishes reduces the vision problem, but over the years, it has been studied that this is not so. It depends on several factors including the inheritance factor. There are several myths pertaining to the eyes but all are myth and it can’t be said that those don’t have any value or importance at all as each and every thing has two sides – one positive and the other is negative. But researchers have found in several cases where despite maintaining all the good and healthy habits, there still persists the vision related problems.
There are some of those myths and misconceptions like two parents with blue eyes can never give birth to a child with brown eyes or people who are having brown eyes are more prone to blindness. There are a few like girls can’t be color blind; it’s a disease only of boys, when a baby is born his eyes are of full size. There are some substances in the statements like too much reading can cause some problems in the eye and that too in dim light, plus viewing television from very close distance as well as too much time engrossed in computer throughout the day. These are the issues which need to be taken care from very grassroots level and accordingly measures should be taken.
In terms of glasses, there were popular beliefs that wearing the wrong prescription glasses can even damage the eyesight. This is totally baseless although a bit of harm will surely be affecting the eyes. For children, this warning has immense value till they don’t become a matured one. In case of adults, wrong prescription may lead to severe pain and eye strain that can attribute to some other diseases, and not necessarily blindness. Similarly, wearing spectacles will never make eyes dependent on those although glasses are required for vision purpose and the power will change in due course of time. That is why long sightedness and short sightedness comes into action.
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