How could these luxury watches be counterfeited easy?

Posted September 21, 2019 by markwarner

Which watches, or watches with what characteristics, are most likely to be counterfeited? There are still some doors in it. We can look at them from the following perspectives.

Which watches, or watches with what characteristics, are most likely to be counterfeited? There are still some doors in it. We can look at them from the following perspectives.

First, from the material point of view, stainless steel watches are most likely to be counterfeited. Because the material is relatively cheap, the appearance difference is not obvious, and it is not easy to be found without long-term use. The precious metal material is not easy to imitate, mainly because the precious metal material is too expensive, may be more difficult to handle, and even with a layer of gold to imitate 18K gold, it is easy to identify, because as long as you weigh the weight of the watch is probably in mind.

Secondly, from the point of view of appearance, some close-bottomed statements are easy to be copied. Because you can't see the mandrel on a closed-end watch. For counterfeiters, even a very expensive watch, just make a watch with the same appearance as it. If it is thorough, at least consider the beauty of the machine core, whether it is sculpture, wire drawing, polishing, grain and so on, are more troublesome, even if there are CNC machine tools (this is not only to promote the technological progress of clocks and watches, but also imitation artifacts), today, for some counterfeiters, it is not the same. It's easy.

Third, from a functional point of view, simple watches are the easiest to copy. After all, it will be easier and less costly to do. Moreover, if the function is too complex, it is easy to expose the fox's tail if it is not done exquisitely. For example, some fake watches cut a small hole under the dial, and then build a bridge to think that they are flywheel watches, but when you look closely, it is just a little rough hair germ machine core.

Fourthly, from the market point of view, some popular forms are easy to be imitated. It's easy to understand that if the true form is in a good market, the false form will not have to worry about explaining to others who I am. Especially some valuable popular watches are more likely to be counterfeited, which is also related to the psychology of the buyers, because they can't afford or don't want to buy more valuable authentic watches, but they feel that wearing such a watch will make them feel different, so the psychology or actual situation is also in a certain situation. To some extent, the phenomenon of hot watches being imitated has been promoted.

Fifth, from the perspective of brand origin, Swiss watches are more popular with counterfeiters. As the saying goes, "people are afraid of being famous and pigs are afraid of being strong". As a world watch Kingdom, Swiss watches are deeply rooted in the hearts of people, and some people are proud of having a Swiss watch. Therefore, whether Swiss watches themselves, Swiss brands or Swiss manufactured words, have become the object of repeated attempts by some counterfeiters.

To sum up the above points, I think the final winner is Rolex. As you can see, too many Americans wear Rolex imitations.

Finally, I hope that you will not be easily deceived by false forms. For a genuine watch, many big brands actually have unique identity certificates, such as the form number, and the packaging, instructions, invoices, warranty cards and other accessories of watches are all proof of their integrity, or watches can be relatively valued.

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