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Posted March 12, 2016 by localexper

Unlike a normal front wood screen doors, a screen door can be used to allow in warm air, or cool breezes.

Summer is memory making season, and custom wood screen doors can add beauty to your home while helping you to create warm weather memories. When a person thinks of a screen door, they may think of doors from their youth. In the past, many doors were very simple. Framed with thin wood or aluminum, a screen door used to be something that was mainly utilitarian. If you had one when you were younger, you may remember it banging behind you as you ran through the door on summer days.

While tangible memories such as this may be nostalgic, many modern homeowners are looking for something more sophisticated, while equally suited to warm weather. Modern wood doors, when crafted by reputable and experienced manufacturers, provide the functions of a traditional door while also adding beauty and perceived value to a home.

A door with a screen is not completely solid. Unlike a normal front wood screen doors, a screen door can be used to allow in warm air, or cool breezes. It can also let in the light from outside, or the pleasing outdoor scents of flowers and fresh cut grass. A screen door also has a welcoming feel. When it is open, the sounds and sights of the home inside are more visible. When approaching such a door, a visitor will be able to see inside. This can help them to feel that the front door has been, in a sense, left open for them.

Wood doors also keep out as many things as they allow in. Flying insects, such as flies and mosquitoes, can be very irritating during the summer months. These wood doors also keep out larger pests. Simply leaving your front door open entirely would allow animals such as cats, dogs, or squirrels to wander into your home. Birds are lovely to listen to during the summer, but as soon as one flies in through an open door, a homeowner quickly becomes aware of how irritating, and destructive, one can be. A screen door allows an individual to let in a small amount of nature, while keeping the more destructive elements of nature outside.

Some of the less obvious benefits of a screen door come with the available features. Many doors, if more than one inch thick, have the option of removable glass panels. These protect your home from strong winds and cold temperatures. Many door manufacturers also offer optional decorative features, such as lattice work or shutters. These can help make your doorway even more beautiful, which serves as a bonus when it comes time to put your home on the market.

This type door allows the breeze to enter your home, but keeps the bugs out. It brings beauty to your front doorway and comes with a variety of optional features. A wood screen door can let in the light and air, while keeping the rest of nature outside where it belongs. Reconnect with your childhood, and consider installing quality wood screen doors on your home.
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