How to install an excavator long reach attachments

Posted November 12, 2020 by HUITONG

The installation of the long reach attachments is a professional technical activity, which is related to the safety of use.

The installation of the long reach attachments is a professional technical activity, which is related to the safety of use. In this article, Huitong Heavy Industry will share and summarize the process of installing the long reach attachments correctly.

1. Run the excavator to retract the large and small arms, and after stopping the excavator, remove the bucket, bucket cylinder and connecting rod assembly at the front end of the forearm of the excavator;
2. The correct installation method is to take out the rod head pin of the stick cylinder; after retracting the stick cylinder, fix it with iron wire. Do not let the cylinder rod slip out to avoid injury;
3. Take out the tail pin of the stick cylinder; take out the stick cylinder with a crane;
4. To install the extension arm of the excavator correctly, take out the boom fork pin and take out the standard forearm;
5. Take out the rod head pin (boom middle pin) of the boom cylinder, take out the boom seat pin, and take out the standard boom.
6. Then use the crane to align the extended boom with the boom base, install the boom base pin, and then install the boom cylinder rod head pin into the middle hole of the boom.
7. Use the operator machine to lift the forearm, aim at the position of the boom fork, and drive the boom fork pin in.
8. Use the crane to align the stick cylinder, and install the stick cylinder tail pin and the stick cylinder rod head pin.
9. Follow-up is the same as installing the stick cylinder, install the bucket cylinder, and then install the connecting rod assembly and bucket.
10. The hydraulic hose joints are flanged and are fastened with M10 hexagon socket screws. Use suitable tools and suitable tightening force 49N*M to tighten. Before tightening, make sure that the O-ring is intact and placed correctly.
11. The long reach attachments uses the centralized filling method. There is a centralized filling block at the boom seat, and the lubricating grease is directly filled on the centralized filling block. The grease overflows at the filling place.
12. After the long reach attachments is installed, a no-load test run must be carried out. The no-load test run shall be carried out according to the method required by the excavator manufacturer. When running, pay attention to whether there is jamming, whether there is any looseness in the fastening, and whether the hydraulic oil circuit is normal.

The above is about the installation process of the long reach attachments, I hope it can be helpful to you. I also hope you can pay attention to our follow-up updates, and we will continue to bring you more content.
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