Do digger concrete pulveriser need to be installed with double pump confluence

Posted January 27, 2021 by HUITONG

Digger concrete pulverizers are widely used for static demolition and non-destructive crushing of reinforced concrete.

The main function of the double pump confluence is to speed up the excavator's flow, thereby increasing the opening and closing speed of the digger concrete pulverizer, and increasing the efficiency of crushing concrete, but the effect will not be obvious, so the two pumps confluence is sufficient when the excavator's flow is sufficient for normal use of the crushing tongs It can be installed or not. There is another way to increase the opening and closing speed of the crushing tongs, which is to install a speed increasing valve on the crushing tongs of the excavator. Digger concrete pulverizer, also known as excavator crushing pliers, demolition crushing pliers.

In recent years, it has gradually been recognized by customers in the country. The efficiency of crushing concrete in demolition and relocation is high, and the use of broken hammers eliminates the disadvantages of high danger and high cost of manual operations.

Features of digger concrete pulverizer

1. High efficiency, equipped with steel bar cutter, crushing tongs can do two operations at the same time, crushing concrete and cutting steel.

2. High versatility, can be installed on various brands and models of excavators, easy to disassemble, and can quickly replace other attachments, realizing one machine with multiple uses.

3. Convenient operation and mechanized operation. The steel bars are separated from the concrete block, bent and loaded on the car, which improves the work efficiency.

4. The powerful, enlarged hydraulic cylinder and special oil circuit design make it easier to work.

5. Rugged and durable, using Swedish high-hardness and light-weight steel, which is extremely solid, focusing on wearing parts and structural parts, and double the life.

6. Large opening design, can crush the concrete of cast beam and floor.

7. Low noise and no vibration, meeting environmental protection requirements, suitable for demolition projects in cities and high-tech parks.

The digger concrete pulverizer consists of four parts: a pliers body, a cylinder, a movable jaw, and a fixed jaw. The hydraulic system applies pressure to the hydraulic cylinder to make the movable jaw and the fixed jaw of the hydraulic pliers expand and close to achieve the crushing effect. All digger concrete pulverizers are equipped with a powerful oil cylinder that uses different pressures to handle different working conditions, and all models are equipped with steel cutting blades.

Digger concrete pulverizers are widely used for static demolition and non-destructive crushing of reinforced concrete. Different connecting plates can be selected according to the thickness of the crushed object to meet various construction requirements. Crushing tongs have static crushing, no vibration, ensuring structural safety; no dust, no noise, small broken pieces and easy to clean and transport; partial removal can retain steel bars to meet design requirements; fast and efficient crushing with low cost, suitable for wide application in static crushing, floor slabs, concrete beams, concrete walls, concrete pillars overhanging eaves, stairs demolition/concrete hydraulic crushing clamp walls and other static demolition projects.
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