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Posted December 18, 2012 by hjr67f

I realize we now have game journalists among us, i don't know if this type of author is one of them, or if he or she is even someone hated and disrespected by swtor credits for sale.

I'm sure that lots of RPers don't especially like or believe in combining RP and PvP. I own a colleague, great RPer and swtor credits, who has go to the conclusion which the two can't go together.

In my opinion otherwise - however it depends a whole lot how you want to RP and PvP. It definitely is not for everyone.

In whose sale benefits, there's a big myth (i think) the PvP in RP-PvP is for conflict resolution. Someone is talking trash to you personally and you can smack him down as punishment. Or you have an in-character dispute and settle it with a duel.

I truly do not think those ideas are even well worthy of RP-PvP. If a game stood a duel system, you can use that for your second case, on the normal (not open PvP) server. For the first case, you're able to do an emote fight, use die rolls, duel, or when the person is just as a dick instead of role playing and won't follow-with RP, then ignore him.

RP-PvP is for battle. While using mechanic available, it leaves room for assassination, player-made bounty-hunting, and so on and that is nice, though the primary drive is battle. But spontaneous battle situations require some concessions from role players, some other lighter style than most hard-core role players use. With this form of setting, where battle can be a desirable goal, you can't get too excited over people knowing your faction, or your guild. Should i be using a group of my guild in Tatooine, and also a list of other-side-guild sees us, we are prepared for the fight. And fight we do. And it's really fun. Which is the kind of environment which enables RP-PvP fun. If instead we start complaining "how did they've known who I am?" "How did they know which guild i am?" " I'm a smuggler, I'm a neutral." "I am not really therein guild IC whatsoever." etcetera. Then you can be pretty well guaranteed a great deal of frustration, stress, and no fun to sell swtor credits at http://www.playerassist.com/swtor/ .

Edit: Not saying there isn't any RP component. There is actually - it's only not RP that worries overmuch about reading name tags out in the sector. Believe that your character will probably be ID'd call at the globe and either "hand-wave" past it or build your RP thereon principle. The fights aren't "just random" PvP either. You develop some ongoing conflict between guilds, as well as occasionally cooperation. Stories and RP happen. I eventually also enjoy more in-depth RP and that i try to find any time I'm able to find it. But I try to buy swtor credits that just accept the realities in the PvP world during my RP.
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