Thermal night vision – perfect for soldier communication

Posted December 1, 2012 by gavincarson

And even when the communication is clear advanced equipment like thermal night vision is still needed.

Constant communication with the soldiers day in and day out is one of the best to make them the best. US armed forces are considered numero uno because of the advanced equipment they are given. But since the US soldiers are posted worldwide to maintain peace they need the right kind of equipment. When someone has to combat the most hardened terrorists in the world one cannot do without the best of support. And weaponry alone doesn’t suffice – the best soldier communication is needed. And even when the communication is clear advanced equipment like thermal night vision is still needed.

The US soldiers have access to two types of vision equipment. One is the eye squared technology and the other is the thermal night vision. The eye squared technology allows vision at night and the thermal vision allows for enhanced vision throughout the day and night.

For the US army thermal vision is highly important because of multiple reasons. An important use of thermal vision is to search out suspects and terrorists. Terrorists are quite adept at camouflages and finding them out from inside of rubbles and huts cannot be done without thermal night vision. Searchlights can be used but a searchlight reveals the position of the soldier. This can be very dangerous and can easily end in death. A thermal vision, on the other hand, can keep the soldier hidden while the suspects are revealed.

Many a times hidden compartments need to be searched. Soldier communication may be received that would necessitate the need for searching something somewhere. Many people think that a thermal vision can see through walls but it cannot do so. However, with experience soldiers can detect the irregular pattern of heat that emanates from the walls. This allows them to find out hidden compartments and go through their searches. While battling the terror elements hidden evidence often need to be found out and it cannot be done without proper thermal night vision.

But there is one point that needs to be kept in mind when soldiers are equipped with such advanced technology. They need to carry more weights on their person. And when difficult terrains need to be negotiated or sudden movement of troops is required and terrorists need to be eliminated a huge load can be a huge deterrent. Soldiers were known to carry more than 100 pounds even a few years ago but thanks to modern forms of soldier equipment and soldier communication this load has come down a bit. There is scope for improvement in future and soldiers will be able to get their hands on even lighter equipment.

But load or no load, thermal night vision is something that is essential for the American soldier. While soldier communication in the US army is the best in the world it may not work all the time simply due to the erratic behavior patterns of the enemy. This is where thermal vision is so useful. You can find out more about it in seminars and events.

Among various modes of soldier communication is thermal night vision , an equipment that makes surprises disappear.
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