Lighten the load of our soldiers and they would be more lethal

Posted December 1, 2012 by gavincarson

The military needs the best of everything because they are constantly engaged to keeping the country and its people safe.

The military needs the best of everything because they are constantly engaged to keeping the country and its people safe. The USA is not only the most important country in the world in terms of economy but is also the most important country in the world to maintain world peace. It comes as no surprise that all the terror elements worldwide are so hateful toward American soldiers. The American government has been constantly looking to lighten the load on the American soldiers so that they can negotiate with these hateful elements. With lighter combat load now available to our soldiers their effectiveness has increased drastically.

Imagine being a soldier where you are always on the lookout for surprise enemy attacks. In countries like Iraq and Afghanistan one never knows when an attack would be launched. So fanatic are the terror elements in these countries that they don’t even bother if they have to take the lives of their own just to ensure that they kill a single American soldier. But as far as the American government is concerned the life of every American in Iraq or Afghanistan is priceless. The government has equipped our soldiers with the best of weapons and modes of communication so that they are always abreast of the looming threats. But while these weapons and pieces of communication equipment are very useful they can also be very heavy. Carrying them on someone’s back is an arduous task and then the battles also need to be fought. Hence, a lighter combat load is always a welcome bonus for our soldiers.

The need to lighten the load came up after a lot of research and analysis where it was found that on an average an American soldier carries more than a hundred pounds on their person. 100 pounds is no matter of joke – try lift it and you will realize how heavy it is. And with this load on their back the soldiers need to travel mile after mile in the most difficult of terrains, putting themselves in grave danger in the process. And when an attack is launched suddenly or some sudden movement has to be done as part of strategy it does become a difficult job. This is where lighter combat load is so important.

Due to the investment of the American government and the sophisticated equipment now being made available to our soldiers the mantra of “lighten the load” has become somewhat successful. Our soldiers have the best of equipment but the weight of these items has come down by about 24%. However, there is scope for much more reduction and it is estimated that soldiers will soon carry a load that has been prescribed for them.

To know more about lesser combat load and the ways one can lighten the load on the American soldiers find out information online. There are dedicated websites on these topics. You will get to know about all the innovation that is happening in this field. The end objective is to make our soldiers more effective.
The constant endeavor is now to lighten the load of our soldiers. The lighter the combat load the more effective our soldiers are.
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