3 Ways to Reinforce Company Values During Onboarding

Posted April 14, 2021 by emonics

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The introduction and reinforcement of your company's core values during the onboarding period for new employees is often the best time to do so. This is not only beneficial to new hires in their new positions, but it is also beneficial to the business.

Putting the company's core values on display will help promote greater collaboration and teamwork, as well as create rapport and enhance communication in general. You can, however, implement the company's core principles as soon as possible to ensure that you and new employees are on the same page right away.

1. Employee Handbook

When it comes to the onboarding method, a well-written employee handbook will take care of a lot of the heavy lifting. Employee handbooks can be customized to emphasize company core values in an easily digestible way for new employees, in addition to being a great place to detail all facets of your business, such as your company's mission. This indicates that they are worthy of additional attention.

Employee handbooks may be as useful as they are flexible. You could have a section devoted exclusively to company core values, or you could sprinkle them in the handbook in places like a code of ethics, compensation and growth, and benefits and perks. Having it written down is also a perfect way to refer back to your principles during meetings, performance evaluations, and, of course, preparation.

2. Describe the company's core values early

Consider onboarding as the first impression a new employee can get of your business. Depending on how you handle this critical moment, this may work in your favor or against you. During the onboarding process, this is exemplified perfectly. A new employee will usually determine whether the organization places a strong or poor focus on principles such as communication.

For a variety of reasons, strong and open communication between leaders and employees is critical, and it should be one of the company's core values. If you don't put this focus on it from the start, you could end up with high turnover rates, disengaged and unmotivated workers, and other problems.

Survey: Asking your employees about their understanding of the company's principles is the quickest way to find out. Set aside time at least twice a year to create a survey that will allow employees to provide input and give you a better sense of what needs to be stressed and focused on in your company.

Listen: Making time to hear from employees at all levels fosters not only improved communication and confidence, but it can also lead to new opportunities and positive improvements within the business. But only if you're able to listen to and absorb what your coworkers have to say.

Train: It's just as necessary to have actionable ways to put company principles and corporate strategy into practice as it is to describe them. During the training process, make sure you're providing all of the necessary resources and expertise, and keep improving them as your company and employees expand.

Simply stated, active employees are productive employees. Employees will be motivated to meet expectations and contribute even further to the company's success if the company's ideals are communicated from the beginning.

3. Consider assigning new employees to mentors

When it comes to providing new workers with resources on company core values, you might think of a company newsletter, an employee handbook, and maybe a well-put-together PowerPoint or two. Introducing the company's core principles, on the other hand, does not have to be limited to these types of capital.

Instead, consider appointing one or a couple of your most committed employees to mentor the new hires. Having a mentor who not only teaches new recruits about the company's mission and priorities but also shows them how to live up to those ideals in their daily work is a perfect way to improve company culture and emphasize core values.

This is critical for employee retention, business culture, and collaboration. Remember that everybody learns differently, so providing a variety of tools that all work together to highlight the company's core values will help you reach the widest possible audience.


The onboarding process is critical for all new employees. Provide crystal clear goals, plans, and, most importantly, company core values to set them and you up for success.
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