Eminenture Derives Data Processing Lessons from FB Scam

Posted May 15, 2018 by eminenture

Eminenture has derived critical approach from FB’s data scam. Premeditating vulnerability, third party monitoring, obtaining proofs, confidentiality and sidelining the dark profiles are its priority now.

The data scam ignited by the Cambridge Analytica left Eminenture with valuable learning. A reputed company ought not to ignore privacy issues from the beginning. FB’s Mark Zuckerberg claimed that it has started taking steps to prevent re-occurrence of scandals, like Cambridge Analytica. The administrative head of Eminenture said, “We’ve been following the news of this scandal since day one. Today, we know the fatal consequences of wrongdoing with data. ” Therefore, he favoured premeditating the privacy challenges to get off its worse phase.

Managing the data and its processing through the lens of a third party is essential. FB let the third party go with its users’ personal data. It ignored the value of the dark profiles that didn’t directly interact with its app. Today, those profilers compromised on their data. The IT expert of Eminenture said, “We’ll now hand over the users’ data to only those clients who would agree over disclosing what they’re likely to do with those data chunks later. We’ll police that data before delivering to the third party.”

Alexander Kogan, the creator of Psychological profile in the Cambridge Analytica case, took advantage of having no enforced developer policy. Although Mark requested Kogan to delete the data, yet FB was helpless. Just a verbal affirmation could be forwarded. And, FB owner did it. But he could do nothing more than that. “We won’t make any delivery after data processing unless the client would provide a verifiable proof of its future action,” said the data management head of the company.

“Like YouTube and Whatsapp, we’re looking forward to revise our privacy policy. The recently implemented GDPR has already defined that the subject (user) should have a right to keep or delete their sensitive information,” further stated the data management head.

It was shocking that FB collects data from its non-users. They are known as the dark profiles. Mark accepted this fact before US lawmakers. It implies that surrendering its profile won’t ensure that it will not scan your data. It directly discloses that FB steals your data. To get rid of this awkward situation, Eminenture has decided to keep every data based activity transparent.
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