Whitepaper is something that most attracts a B2B buyer

Posted January 20, 2021 by davidjones8904

Know that your whitepaper is a lot more than just an in-depth guide and can often come across as a boring sales pitch if not presented the right way.

Whether your goal is to get more leads or position your ideas for thought leaders, creating a top notch whitepaper isn't easy - especially when everyone is trying to be the center of attention amid the clutter of content. Regardless of the ultimate goal, the only way to tell a great white paper apart from the sea of ​​mediocrity is to see how well it fits in with a B2B buyer's problems.

Know that your whitepaper is much more than just a detailed guide and often acts as a boring selling point if not presented properly. So make sure you're only offering real help instead of driving customers away with annoying advertisements and doing more harm than good to your brand.

While a content marketing campaign has several elements, a technical document like a white paper attracts a B2B buyer the most. Hence, in order to make your whitepaper marketing successful, you need to stay away from some mistakes and the Deck 7 content marketing solution to overcome them.

1. Blow up your leads with sales messages
Just because someone downloaded your content marketing whitepaper doesn't mean you can use that as a green sign to call the sellers free. This is exactly the opposite of what you should be doing. Don't call the IT pros just five minutes after downloading your whitepaper, as this will only affect your chances of increasing ROI.

Instead, you should make the process on your landing page more transparent by letting customers know what the whitepaper is about and how it can help resolve their issues. By distributing this as gated content, you can expand your database and have more leads in your marketing funnel while your prospects get the information they're looking for.

2. Do not do adequate research
How can the reader know that you can be trusted if you don't back up your claims? A marketer considers an interactive white paper to be the # 1 most influential content marketing strategy that can impact a buyer's critical decisions. Consequently, a poorly researched white paper will be of no value to readers. Your whitepaper topic needs to include statistics, infographics based on legitimate research, and an elongated piece of content to allow more room for brand awareness and knowledge transfer.

If you're not sure where to start your research, here are some tips:

Browse industry research reports based on legitimate data from your prospect. Take references from research groups like HubSpot, Forrester, or any other professional organization that produces original research. Blog post is also a great way to know what your audience likes and what they don't.
Alternatively, you can search another related white paper from the same industry for references.
In order for your whitepaper to generate more leads and achieve the intended impact, it's important that you present your content as a legitimate source of valuable insights that readers can benefit from. Since digital marketing is everything that exists online, you should have a content strategy in place that will make your whitepaper a valuable lead generation tool.

Read more - https://deck7.com/blog/3-white-paper-mistakes-and-how-to-avoid-them?utm_source=Niranjan&utm_medium=prfree.org
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