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Sensory toys are often associated for use by children with special needs such as those with autism.

Sensory toys are often associated for use by children with special needs such as those with autism. But in contrast, they could be toys that even normal kids can use. These toys are designed to stimulate senses of a child. But there are toys specially designed to be therapy products to assist children to adapt to stimuli found in the environment. Sensory toys may also be used to engage kids' senses. For kids with autism, it could be a great addition for a developmental plan that may also include sensory diet or therapy. These toys may be categorized into visual, tactile, sound and stress toys.

Once a child is born, he is born with five senses namely vision, touch, hearing, smell and taste. Once he grows, he must develop these senses well enough. You can notice that a newborn can't see clearly but as he ages, his vision becomes clearer, as seen in the way he reacts to some stimulus such as colorful toys. There are sensory toys that are useful in developing the sense of sight more progressively. These are toys that are colored red, black and white. These contrasting colors are not just good for eyesight, but also for brain stimulus. Experts say that babies exposed to these three colors immediately after birth become smarter babies.

The sense of hearing is already developed in a baby once he is delivered. You can notice him reacting to loud sounds or being surprised by sudden noise that disturbs his sleep. Toys for hearing include squeakers and rattles. Mobile toys that are equipped with soft music helps him fall asleep. There are hardly any toys for the sense of taste. The common ones are teethers used to provide comfort when they are teething. There are many products of this type and mothers need not worry because most of them are safe to put in the mouth.

Most sensory toys are for the sense of touch such as fidget toys. Babies love to touch and chew. they love to grab things as well. Parents can take advantage of this by providing toys that vary in texture. They must give their babies toys that have various textures, from smooth to rough, or soft to hard but not heavy enough to be harmful. You can find these toys lightweight and are easy to manage because they are designed for your delicate baby.

Of the five senses, smell is the most advanced. Even inside the womb, it is already developed. There are hardly sensory toys for smell, but there are some created with special scents that can help relax the baby and put her to sleep. This is good if the product is made from natural materials that are not harmful for the baby. Since babies are created with special needs that require attention, parents must do their best to give them things to make them look good, but also help them become smarter and healthier, such as helpful sensory toys designed to enhance the five senses.

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