9 Tips On How To Pack Porcelain Or China To Avoid Damages During Shipping

Posted April 6, 2021 by celain97

Shipping items as valuable and breakable as china or porcelain? Simply putting a "fragile" label won’t give you the assurance that these products will be handled with care.

Shipping items as valuable and breakable as china or porcelain? Simply putting a "fragile" label won’t assure you that logistics people will handle these products with the highest level of precaution. If you want to prevent any form of damage while in transit, here are nine tips that experts in porcelain restoration recommend doing.

Wrap items individually. When packing multiple fragile items, china restoration experts advise people to wrap them individually. To further prevent these things from banging each other, it’s also better to pack them separately.

Be particular about protecting vulnerable spots. Ceramics and earthenware have so-called vulnerable spots — including protruding areas like legs or arms. To protect these spots, use foam, bubble wrap, or egg carton. Seal these wrappings with tapes, but be careful not to tape the item itself.

Pack properly and fill empty spaces. Choose a box that’s recommended for china and porcelain (they’re called dish barrel). Put a foam or packing peanuts at the bottom, then add the items. Fill any void inside the box with packing peanuts, foam, or scrunched-up paper to minimise movement during shipment.

Use non-marking materials. According to china restoration experts, a common mistake committed when shipping fragile items is marking materials like newspapers as wrapping. These can rub off onto the item and cause damage. Alternatives include bubble wrap, wrapping paper, and toilet paper.

Apply the two-box method. Instead of using just one box when packing, use a larger one to shield the main box. Don’t forget also to fill the empty spaces between the two boxes.

Know when to box individually. While multiple-item shipments are being practiced, some things need to be packed and shipped individually. As a general rule of thumb, a fragile belonging that weighs more than 10 pounds should be double-boxed individually.

Seal and label the outer box. Use strong packaging tapes to seal your outer box, then label accordingly. When adding a label (info must include your address, the receiver’s address, and a fragile precaution), make sure that it is readable and easily visible.

Keep them out of direct sunlight. While the items to be shipped are still within your premises, be sure to keep them out of direct sunlight as it can lead to small tracks. Also, store them in an area with a consistent room temperature.

Choose your shipping dates wisely. Because the weather can gravely affect your fragile items' condition, make sure to choose the shipping period carefully. As much as possible, keep an eye on weather reports and avoid moving them when the weather is too hot or too cold.

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