Herbal Memory Booster Supplements To Enhance Brain Skills Effectively

Posted March 29, 2017 by aylwardmorales

Brahmpushpi capsules are the best herbal memory booster supplements to enhance brain skills and improve mental health.

Brain fog or fatigue can happen in people in the form of mild episodes of confusion to severe loss of mind. It can happen due to lack of sleep, neurological conditions (fibromyalgia, stress, multiple sclerosis, menopause, deficiencies of minerals, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis or side effect of medicines etc.). Brain functions can be affected by exposure to certain harmful chemicals in everyday things such as plastics, pesticides and cleaners, which can restrict brain power. Stress can shrink brain network and expand the lower brain network to switch the emotional set in a negative way. Stress can also impair the immune, damage chromosomes, cause premature aging and ruin cardiovascular system. Stress can kill brain cells and to enhance brain skills - loss of cells, one should practice relaxation techniques e.g. meditation or develop habits to remain stress free.

There are various researches in this field who work towards offering neuro plasticity to reverse the damage to brain cells caused by stress, however, there are some easy ways offered by herbal memory booster supplements e.g. Brahmpushpi capsules which can reduce the impact of stress and aging on brain cells. Orchis mascula works as astringent, nutritive, demulcent and it is rich in mucilage - which provides jelly like soothing substance to get rid of irritations and gastro intestinal issues. Brahmi or Bacopa monnieri helps in reducing fogginess and improves memory formation. It works as stimulant and can interact with serotonergic system and dopamine to promote neuron communication in body organs. This is done by the mechanism of enhancing the rate of movement of the neurons which helps in increasing nerve end growth. Herbal memory booster supplements contain phyto extracts rich in antioxidants to fight stress and aging.

Bacopa is widely used in herbal memory booster supplements for neurological rejuvenation to enhance brain skills. This provides neuro pharmacological benefits to the body and the properties include - anti-inflammatory, laxative, curing blood disorders, cough and works as a laxative. Commonly the herb is consumed in line with animal fat and this improves herb’s fat solubility.

Study on the herb as in Brahmpushpi capsules finds - it was able to provide protection to the stomach lining and protected the lining from ulcers. It also helped in the regeneration of the lining. It augmented memory formation as the extract provided the enzyme Tryptophan Hydroxylase (TPH2) and increased the release of serotonin transporter (SERT). It interacted with the serotonin system of the human body and this created downstream effect on the cholinergic systems. On taking the herb, the study found the dendrite intersection and the branching points of the neurons were able to proliferate - mostly after four to six weeks of intake of the herb. Study on rats showed neuronal growth in rats undergoing growth spurts and the growth was visible in areas of brain involved with memory e.g. basolateral amygdale and hippocampus.

In healthy people, the capsule was successfully able to enhance brain skills - retention of learned information and reduced short term loss of memory and confusion. The intake of 30 mg of the herb daily could improve the condition of delayed recall and verbal learning.
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