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It was in the decade of 1970s when the work and discoveries started in the field of 3D model making and printing.

It was in the decade of 1970s when the work and discoveries started in the field of 3D model making and printing. Till the end of this decade a lot of different processes were developed. Initially the printers which were employed in the printing procedure of 3D models were quite large and were highly limited in their functions. In addition to this these printers were also very much expensive. Due to these and other certain limitations of the newly developed printers the 3D printing material was also very limited and was produced in less quantities due to the cost factor involved in the accomplishment of this procedure.
Additive printing procedures
Presently most of the 3D modeling is being accomplished by means of the additive procedures. The major difference which lies in these procedures is that in what way the layers are deposited on models. These layers are added in order to make different parts. Moreover some methods also make use of different kinds of materials. In some methods the use of 3D filament is very common. In still other methods like the selective laser melting procedure, the materials are melted or softened in order to make layers over one another. The same principle is used in the fused deposition modeling in which the fused materials are added in the form of layers.
These methods are even more difficult and require the highest level of expertise as it is very difficult and tricky to handle the liquid materials. For these purposes sometimes the 3D printer filament machines are also employed in order to reach perfection. In another technique named as the laminated object manufacturing abbreviated as LOM, the technique adopts the rapid prototyping system in which layer of metal, paper or plastic coated with an adhesive are glued together and then cut by means of a knife or a laser cutter.
The various methods of printing discussed above and the ones other than these methods have their own pros and cons. Due to this reason the printing companies always offer the choice to their clients regarding the usage of powder and polymer kind used in manufacturing. In some other cases people also use the standard methods of printing and modeling like the 3D Printing Filaments procedures. Some companies also use the standard business paper which guarantees the production of a durable finished material. However the main things which must be considered while choosing the machine and method are the speed of the 3D printer and its cost as well as the cost and color ability of the materials.

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