Football encounter “Happy trouble”+ FIFA morale of not less than four million

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Beijing on June 27 morning, the Chinese women’s football Women’s World Cup will be the seventh quarter-final race in Ottawa, Canada, and the world champions the United States, the young Chinese women’s football in the pursuit of a dream, to change the image of Chinese women’s football, but also In order to improve their own survival and development environment, the economy and strive for favorable conditions. It is understood that the Chinese Football Association has decided to distribute the prize money in addition to FIFA, bonus China women’s football, the magnitude of the additional bonus of up to two million, while the actual record of Chinese women’s football is also good for the domestic women’s football development, business investment and the creation of women’s football conditions.
Women’s Football Association to push the new incentive program

With the US team 2-0 yesterday to eliminate the Colombian team, the Chinese team will meet again with the US team this international football powerhouse in the quarterfinals. Although the Chinese women’s football further need to pay even greater effort even need luck blessing, but it can fall after the “Asian second-rate” and return to the World Cup ranks 8 through perseverance, this is still the youngest to win the Chinese women’s football unanimous praise from home and abroad.

Beijing Youth Daily reporter was informed that this year the Chinese soccer team won the Asian Cup in Australia the group stages and ultimately receive a total of 50 million prize to win the group, but the rewards are actually referring to the incentives introduced in 2009, the Football Association GuoZiHao Competition incentives. Taking into account the Chinese women’s football to climb up from the valley extremely difficult, women’s economic situation is far below the professional soccer team, the Chinese Football Association decided to launch a new set of incentives for Chinese women’s football.

Football encounter “Happy trouble”

Yesterday, the Chinese Football Association held a regular meeting of all middle-level cadres, association vice-chairman, in addition to four with Women in Canada Yuhong Chen, the other three were all in attendance. It is understood that the issues relating to the national women’s football awards also mentioned at the meeting. Earlier there were indications that the Chinese Football Association has plans to come up with one million award Chinese women’s football, but Beiqing Bao reporter verified understood that so far, the Chinese Football Association and not a final conclusion on the matter, for two reasons: First, the Chinese women’s football is preparing for the US team in this battle, the team can qualify aside, the relevant team focus toward bonuses, may interfere with the team; the second is the Chinese Football Association on the need for strict reward GuoZiHao team’s problems in accordance with the financial regulations of the State and the sports authorities, the number of settings need to carefully consider the Association. It is reported that the Association was proposed that an additional internal 1 million yuan prize to the Chinese women’s football, it was also proposed that the amount be increased to $ 2 million. Insiders joked, “Chinese women’s football doing well, worried, good grades, the Football Association have to dig out a lot a lot of money, the team at every step, you have to climb a bonus amount, which can be really happy trouble ah.” .

Women’s total prize money of not less than four million

Although additional bonuses Chinese Football Association has not been determined, but since FIFA as men, this contest Women’s World Cup has set a fixed payout scheme, so whether the Chinese Football Association added bonus is the number of Chinese women’s football will get rich It rewards. FIFA World Cup play as early as a few months ago, he sent to all participating member associations allocated a bonus scheme. In accordance with this program, into the knockout round is among the top 16 teams, each team will get about $ 330,000 bonus, and into the Top 8 teams each team a total of approximately $ 660,000 bonus, and enter 4 Strong, bonus amount will increase substantially this calculation, even if Chinese women’s football team can not get past the hurdle of the United States, they can be rewarded for a total of about 400 million yuan.

It is reported that General Administration of Sport for all sports bonuses also has strict rules, according to General Administration of Sport General will extract a certain percentage of money from international competition in each part of the project team for the sports fund, project support and reward meritorious project etc., occupancy rate of 30%. Chinese Football Association an additional bonus, it is also hoping to implement as much of the money into the hands of hard work of the team members.

Rose situation improved survival

Yesterday, the club announced Changchun Volkswagen Excellence Women and reward the club player in the Women’s World Cup knockout round, Krabi race named the best player of any Gui oct a value of 20 million cars, which can be described as unprecedented domestic women’s football world for the first time. Chinese Football Association Women’s Department of the 任陆煜 Beiqing Bao reporters yesterday, said, “Chinese women’s football World Cup to create success, its significance lies not only in performance or spiritual values, they are also through efforts to improve the environment for their own survival and development and domestic women’s soccer. “Women from the community met coaches, the players there, Beiqing Bao reporter learned that, so far, women over the club first team players, in addition to individual private club sponsored individual core players can receive 300,000 to 350,000 yuan annual salary In addition, the average monthly income of most of the remaining players are generally a few thousand dollars, at least two or three thousand, as many as sixty-seven thousand dollars. This figure compared with 2010 in a traditional teams northern tier of the main players monthly salary of 1,500 yuan, although there is a certain margin improved, but the overall price and other objective factors, the economic situation of women’s football is still not ideal. is safest shop to buy wow gold, fifa coins, runescape gold, swtor credits & other mmo gold.

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