News by Country: Romania

Primo Survey Offers Free Online Survey Tools for Students
Primo Survey Software brings in free survey tools, questionnaire and templates for students who wish to conduct their research and aim to achieve faster & better results within a short span of time.

June 5, 2017

Tremend, an Inc.5000 and Deloitte Fast 50 CE software company, announces an implementation partnership with Backbase

April 20, 2017

Top 35 Worldwide Destinations to Visit in 2017 Recommended by Popular Travel Bloggers
35 travel bloggers share their recommendations for the best places around the globe to visit in 2017 on Travel – Moments in Time

April 1, 2017

Four Points To Search for When Getting A NHL Jersey
Lots of people buy trademark name sportswear such as Adidas, Nike, Reebok or Fubu. This is since they wish to be assured of the excellent quality of the sporting activities apparel they get.

March 22, 2017

Cecil Launcher 2.5.3 Launched
Cecil Launcher 2.5.3 brings you the most stable and fast Cecil so far. This is a bug fix version.

March 15, 2017

The largest second-hand clothing supplier in Romania opens a second location!
Solo Crema Italia, one of the largest second-hand clothing retailers has announced the opening of their second location in Brasov City!

March 14, 2017

IRG BUSINESS INDUSTRIAL launches new website
IRG BUSINESS INDUSTRIAL launches new website, developed a modern website in an interactive format, accessible and friendly.

March 4, 2017

BestProxy Offers Affordable Private Proxies
Individuals and companies looking to buy a private proxy server can find what they need at BestProxy has four different categories on sale at excellent prices to suit all needs.

February 8, 2017

Hair Loss Treatment, Causes and Prevention
REKZE Lab uncommonly deals with giving your hair the best treatment. After a decent research they have created numerous items for your hair that will help you in keeping up your hair the distance.

January 3, 2017

Get The Best Treatment For Your Hair With REKZE Laboratories
REKZE Laboratories has designed most complex line to fight hair loss so you won’t feel helpless anymore.

January 3, 2017

Medico-Jobs este gata sa te sustina daca vrei sa fii medic in strainate
Medico-Jobs este o agentie care se ocupa cu recrutarea medicala si care poate fi sansa ta sa lucrezi in domeniul medicinii int-o tara foarte bine dezvoltata sanitar precum Franta, Germania sau Anglia.

December 25, 2016

Medico-Jobs trimite medici rezidenti si specialisti la mai bine
Medico-Jobs este o agentie de recrutare si plasare a fortei de munca in strainatate.

December 25, 2016

Tremend is the fastest-growing Romanian tech company in Deloitte Fast 50 CE
Tremend joined the most dynamic tech companies in the region in Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Central Europe.

October 24, 2016

Hunting in Romania for Deer, Stag, Bear, Chamois & Wild Boar is a Great Trip
Romania Hunting Trips Hunting in Romania may have crossed your mind at one point or the other. Romania Hunting is truly an experience like no other. If you have the chance to go hunting in Romania,

October 21, 2016

Global Sporting Safaris recommends Brown Bear Hunting Romania for all U.S. Bear Hunters
Romania Hunting Trips Hunting in Romania may have crossed your mind at one point or the other. Romania Hunting is truly an experience like no other.

October 16, 2016

Dr. Olivia Naturals Launches Magnesium: Muscle and Nervous System Support on Amazon
Offering the best magnesium supplement on Amazon, Dr. Olivia Naturals has become the first choice for many.

August 18, 2016

Dalberry Presents Reliable Online Payment Gateway Solutions for Companies & Business Institutions
Dalberry is an online security services provider offering technological solutions for secure online payments.

August 18, 2016

Niche Cheats Offers The Best Ways To Find Niches For Online Marketing
Niche Cheats, a Romanian web development firm, presents the most effective ways to find niches for planning online marketing campaigns.

August 11, 2016

A virtual task master and manager who will make sure you get all your work done on time
NO.TIfy.ME is designed for those people who are looking a full-featured app to manage daily planning life better. It is a super simple 2do list, reminder and task manager application that helps you to get usual stuff on right time.

July 27, 2016

Glavan Madalin Laurentiu Studies Marketing and Business Administration at Spiru Haret
Glavan Madalin Laurentiu Ambitious 30-Years-Old with Marketing degree, MBA Studies at Spiru Haret and British Academy of Business

July 27, 2016

Cum sa compari rapid si eficient creditele nebancare de la societatile avizate?
Serviciile de acordare a creditelor nebancare sunt atat de raspandite astazi incat este aproape imposibil sa putem alege cu usurinta cel mai bun credit pentru nevoile noastre personale.

July 20, 2016

NO.Tify.Me Giveaway Campaign Chance To Earn Some Quick Cash.
NO.Tify.Me is an app that is constantly being innovated, updated and changing with the times to give you the best service possible; whether Android or Apple

June 30, 2016

Deciding upon the most beneficial Restaurant Furnishings
Ne axăm pe fabricarea articolelor de mobilier destinat cafenelelor, barurilor, restaurantelor, hotelurilor şi ca noutăţi mobilier pentru casinouri şi decoraţiuni cu gazon artificial.

June 28, 2016

Email Retargeting Best Practices For Marketers
77% of internet users prefer email messages over any other form of communication because it allows them a certain degree of freedom. However, even though people open their e-mails, very few read the content or click on the link.

June 23, 2016 Aims to Become the Kinky and Erotic Alternative of Facebook, a recently developed social media sites dedicated to fetishists and swingers from the world over, aims to become the kinkier alternative to Facebook in the online adult entertainment and networking space.

June 21, 2016

Financial support for Romanian galleries at ARCO Madrid 2017
Financial support for Romanian galleries at ARCO Madrid 2017 Selected Romanian Cultural Institute in Madrid announces support Romanian participation of ...

June 15, 2016

Task Master-Manager App that will make sure your work is completed on time
NO.Tify.ME is a virtual alarm – all alarms come with a definite Snooze button! When the alert appears, you can snooze up to an hour or even a full day, until such a time as when you are capable of completing the task.

May 21, 2016

Transforma-ti pasiunea intr-o cariera de success cu Medico Jobs
Daca vrei sa iti gasesti un loc de munca in strainatate, in tari precum Franta sau Anglia, Medico Jobs te poate ajuta! Aceasta firma promoveaza joburi medicale, in toate ramurile acestui domeniu complex.

May 5, 2016

Medico-Jobs te ajuta sa devii medic in Franta!
Iti cauti un job medical in strainantate si nu stii de unde sa incepi? Cu ajutorul agentiei Medico-Jobs, cu siguranta iti vei gasii job-ul cel mai bun pentru tine!

May 5, 2016

A virtual assistant who will send you constant reminders of the work you need to get done
NO.TIfy.ME is designed for those people who are looking a full-featured app to manage daily planning life better. Its available free of cost on iOS & Google Play.

April 30, 2016

Why you need to use a cart abandonment email
A study published by Baymard Institute says that 67.75% of users leave their shopping cart behind. This number is very frustrating for online store owners because they invest a lot of time, money and effort to get those people on their website.

April 15, 2016

Simplificareanecesitățilorfinanciarepentruinstituțiiși case de afaceri într -un mod semnificativ
AMANET NONSTOP București este o instituție socială și financiară , non – bancara deschisa nonstop , care acorda un împrumut în schimbul unor garanții pe o perioadă scurtă de timp .

April 12, 2016

Descopera colectia impresionanta de caiace oferita de GRAPPER
GRAPPER este o companie care produce si comercializeaza caiace special proiectatet si testate pentru aventurile tale pe apa.

April 5, 2016

Present protection by buying the cheapest and best proxies that are exclusive online
Here is the area wherever proxy servers come in within this big interconnection of sites between the internet as well as users, there's to be something which acts like a middleman and keeps check up on many purchases.

April 3, 2016

Medico-Jobs te ajuta sa devii asistent medical in strainatate
Te-ai saturat de salariile mici din Romania si iti doresti sa fii recompensat corect pentru serviciile medicale oferite? Atunci Medico-Jobs este agentia care te va ajuta sa iti gasesti jobul perfect!

March 31, 2016

Introduce world’s first donation card for retail.
Connect, a non-profit start-up in the funding phase, introduces the Connect Card — the world’s first donation card, designed for the global retail market.

March 21, 2016

Lauracalin about how to find the most suitable fashion blog for you
Fashion is probably something that every women on the planet is interested in as it is the main aspect that allows us to express ourselves in a large variety of ways.

March 18, 2016

Why to read Newsgento, the most informative Magento website?
Technology is one of the of the aspect that changes on a regular bases, this being the reason why sometimes it might be extremely difficult to keep up with it.

March 8, 2016

Nicolae Mischie: politician, profesor, familist
Nicolae Mischie, desi un nume controversat, ramane o personalitate completa si un exemplu social.

March 3, 2016

BPM Wave Presents Its 90-Days Deployable Digital Banking Applications @ IBM InterConnect
BPM Wave Showcases Its 90-Days Deployable Digital Transformation Offerings for the Commercial Banking Sector @ IBM Interconnect 2016.

February 22, 2016

Things to Consider Prior to Bus Rental Transport In Romania
If you are planning to travel to Romania and want to hire a bus then booking ahead is necessary. To avoid any kind of problem, it's better to make your booking earlier.

January 29, 2016

Is it suitable to have a web interior planner installed on your furniture selling website?
It is very often that we see contractors requesting for their kitchen cabinet selling websites various online space planning solutions to be embedded, which in turn results in months of developing and lots of money spent. Is it worth it to have one?

January 27, 2016

Masajul erotic de la, un real beneficiu pentru viata de cuplu
De foarte multe ori ne confruntam cu deiverse probleme in viata de cuplu dar pentru care de foarte putine ori cautam solutii in adevaratul sens al cuvantului.

January 21, 2016

Ce trebuie sa stim despre web hosting si cum poate fi acesta obtinut de la
Internetul a devenit treptat una dintre cele mai importante componente din viata noastra de zi cu zi.

January 15, 2016

Lumânări de ceară de albine pentru Sărbători
Sărbătorile sunt momentul dăruirii unor cadouri persoanelor dragi sau pentru propria familie.

January 8, 2016

Gold-To-petrol și aur-a-argint Ratio - Care sunt acestea Proverb?
Raportul aur-a-ulei Este la maxime de zece ani - O singura uncie de aur Poate Cumpara acum 22 + Barili de WTIC brut. Dar Ce inseamna?

December 23, 2015

Watermark, Crop, Split, Merge and Create PDF Documents in Just Three Easy Steps with 3StepPDF
3StepPDF v. 1.0, a powerful PDF processor program for Widows that helps writers, developers and business people create and fine-tune PDF documents quickly and efficiently, has been released.

December 9, 2015

Liable Inherent Qualities of a Great Wedding Photographer
Out of the various important things, one thing that should be paid attention is the task of hiring a good Oclipa wedding photographer.

December 9, 2015

Why is the stress level so high in the Romanian companies?
Why do the employees become demotivated in more and more companies, every day? The study was done by Evolution HCC on the HR market in Romania.

November 28, 2015

Simple Advice Of Apartamente Noi Bucuresti Explained
In the city like Bucharest, great locations are continually busy faster compared to you may envision.

October 26, 2015