Reminder your customer the 9 things after their eyelash extensions

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After eyelashes are grafted on a customer, an eyelash artist needs to give some warning.

After eyelashes are grafted on a customer, an eyelash artist needs to give some warning. But the grafting had already lasted about two hours, and with a few cavorts, the customer was impatient. So, instead of just saying a few very important notes, hand the customer a card and tell her she can go back and take her time. At this time, a unique style card can not only attract the attention of the customer, but also save a lot of time for the lash artist.

Now let’s see what are the 9 things?

01 Just after eyelash extension
Do not wash your face or take a bath for within 6 hours. Avoid steam, high temperature and wet environment such as sauna.
If the eyelash extensions make you uncomfortable, remove immediately.
Point: It takes 24 hours for eyelash glue to dry completely.

02 When making up
When drawing eyeliner, please do not contact the root of eyelash grafting, it is recommended to use liquid eyeliner, which will not burden your eyelash extensions, but please do not use waterproof eyeliner.
Eyelash curler can damage the eyelash extensions, do not use it. Electric eyelash curlers are recommended.
Point: Regular use of eyelash brush can always maintain the best condition of eyelashes.

03 Mascara cream
Use mascara for eyelash grafting, but not waterproof mascara.
When removing mascara, remove it along the direction of the eyelashes and avoid rubbing.

04 When sweating
Use a towel or cotton pad to gently wipe around the eyes, starting with the upper eyelid.
Eyelash extensions are easy to hook to cotton fiber, please pay attention when using.
Point: do not directly wipe eyelash extensions.

05 Falling eyelashes
Please do not pull, knead and other forced external force.
Use an eyelash brush to tidy up, and if you still mind, consult our eyelash artist.
It is a natural phenomenon that people lose 2-3 eyelashes every day. If the detached eyelashes are with false eyelashes, it is generally normal metabolism. Please do not panic. But if only eyelash extensions detached, please contact us in time, we’ll solve the problem for you.

06 Swimming pools, beaches and other places.
Before going out, please daub eyelash extensions special care finalize the design solution, it can improve the durability after grafting.
Point: it doesn't need to be washed off. It's very convenient.

07 At bedtime
Try to lie on your back to avoid friction, eyelash bending and other factors;
Don't sleep with blinders on.

08 Daily eyelash maintenance.
Eyelash grafting will make eyelash fatigue, please use a special eyelash skin care agent, make eyelash healthy growth.
Apply morning and evening to the root of eyelashes, avoid applying into eyes.
Use a professional eyelash fixator (eyelash raincoat) to increase the life of the glue and maintain the shape of the eyelash extensions.
Point: for a more beautiful effect, to breed healthy eyelashes.

09 When washing your face.
Avoid using oily makeup removers.
Use a special makeup remover for eyelashes grafted around the eyes.
Use a cotton swab to gently scrub around the eyelashes.
Grafting eyelashes cannot knead around; need to gently clean along the direction of eyelashes.

Point: when you wash your face, try to avoid touching your eyelashes.

Do not use sprinkler head to directly flush eyelash extensions; After washing your face and entering the bath, use a low-wind hair dryer to dry the eyelashes or use lint-free cotton products to wipe the moisture on the eyelashes.

Ourlash has distilled the above 9 tips from a list of common customer questions and answered them in simple easy-to-understand language that you should always keep in mind.

But the attention of the pure text, the customer certainly does not like to see.

So a lot of our customers provide a lovely reminder card that can be customized, they also print on their own logo, 200pcs only need US$30. If you need the service please contact Ourlash, ourlash wholesale lashes and all the lash supplies you need, and we also share good ideas on your lash business, we aim to be your best business parter.
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