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Cat food that is specifically designed for cats is a relatively new concept. Cats didn't start having their own food until the second part of the twentieth century.

Healthy cat diets, along with advancements in domestic pet veterinarian care, have resulted in cats surviving considerably longer than they did previously. Cats, like people, benefit from a well-balanced diet.Most veterinarians nowadays would recoil in horror if they saw you giving your cat leftovers, claiming that their fat contains too much fat, carbs, and protein for a cat.

Although some owners assume cats are carnivores, this is not the case. A much of meat is bad for them, just like it is bad for us. Cats, on the other hand, are not vegetarians, and you should not attempt to convert your cat to one.

Take care of the diets

Commercial food comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, as well as packaging. Cans, sachets, and cartons (although they are becoming less common).And, in terms of menus and options, the selection is incredible; there's meat or fish in sauce, jelly, and, these days, even marinated. Dry food for kittens, young cats, and senior cats is available, all of which include the minerals and vitamins that your pets require to flourish.

However, even with such a large selection, you must exercise caution; experts advise against only feeding a cat dry food. When feeding your cat dry food, keep some water nearby since they will need fluid to balance out the dry diet. It's conceivable that the cat will get kidney stones if you don't do this.

If you have a cat and a dog in the same house, the cat will frequently acquire a liking for the dog's food. This should be avoided since dog food lacks some of the critical amino acids that cats require to remain healthy.

Best food for your cat

Another common misconception is that milk is beneficial for cats. It is not and should never be given to a cat, according to Cat Careserviceexperts. It is said to cause diarrhoea in elderly cats, however there are milk alternatives available from pet food manufacturers that you may give your cat instead.According to experts, if a cat enjoys milk, offer it semi-skimmed, although this contradicts what the experts advise. However, your cat likes it to the special milk, and it is far less expensive.

Show the cat sitter where the cat food is kept, as well as the litter box, litter, and cleaning materials. If you board your cat, the sitter will ask you to fill out a paper with feeding instructions and other details. Many cat sitters will text or send you a written report with photographs each day so you don't have to worry about your cat while you're gone.Some boarding facilities offer "pet cams," which allow you to watch what your cat is up to through video. Knowing your cat is safe and happy while you're gone allows you to relax and enjoy your vacation or business trip without worrying about your favourite pet.

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Specialcats of Ayr is a licensed outdoor style of cat only boarding cattery, located five miles from Ayr. We are a small bespoke cattery specialising in individual care for our guests. Listed by International Cat Care (was FAB) as providing excellent quality of care, construction and management, the cattery is designed to be a comfortable, secure and interesting holiday home for your feline friend.
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