Exciting News:Up to 8% off WOW Classic gold US/EU for WOW Classic Leveling Guide

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Exciting News:Up to 8% off WOW Classic gold US/EU for WOW Classic Leveling Guide

As a beginner in WOW Classic, your journey through the game will feature many places to go. These places are called “Zones.” Now then, let’s get to know cheap wow classic gold them.What are Zones in WOW Classic?WOW Classic currently consists of two kingdoms; Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor. The two major kingdoms consist of smaller continents, which consist of smaller sections. These sections are the zones.

Zones’ Classification in WOW Classic:

WOW WarlockAll these zones are classified into three territories: Alliance, Horde, and Contested.

Alliance is one of the two major political factions in Azeroth. The members of the Alliance are the Night Elves, the humans of Stormwind, the dwarves and finally, the gnomes.

The other major political faction and the counterpart of the Alliance faction is the Horde. The Horde members are the orcs, the island trolls, the Tauren and the undead.

Finally, the Contested territories are zones in which players’ PvP flags are immediately turned on upon entering. Almost two-thirds of these territories can be accessed by both the Alliance and Horde.

Zone Leveling in WOW Classic:

For the first 10 levels, only a few of the zones are available. Humans will level in the Elwynn forest. Dwarves and gnomes will level in Dun Morogh and Night Elves will level in Teldrassil. These zones are all Alliance territories.

For levels 10-20, some zones will be available, including Westfall which is the best one to quest in. In addition to the Redridge Mountains which is highly recommended once you get closer to level 20. Westfall is Alliance territory while the Redridge Mountains is Contested territory.

In the level range 20-30, more zones will open like Hillsbrad Foothills and Ashenvale which offer quite the amount of quests and are available in the Early ’20s. However, they are a hotbed for world PvP action. Wetlands and Duskwood are considered alternatives to them. All of these are Contested territories

For levels 30-40, there are numerous zones available. They vary depending on which server you’re using either PvP or PvE. Despite being warfare, Stranglethorn Vale has a high number of requests, followed up by Arathi Highlands and Desolace. In the early ’40s, you can find a handful of quests in Badlands, Swamp of Sorrow and Tanaris. Around the mid-’40s, it becomes feasible to level in Searing Gorge and The Hinterlands. And approaching level 50, Un’goro Crater is the optimal choice.

Finally, through the last 10 levels, the best zones to quest in are Blasted Lands and Western Plaguelands. Once you reach the mid 50’s, start questing in Eastern Plaguelands and Winterspring.
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