Street Rod Maintenance Options for You Now

Posted September 26, 2020 by Magoos

It is not necessary to go to this extreme, but we do recommend advancing oil changes as much as possible.

Make sure your car uses the correct oil, within the specifications recommended by the manufacturer. Also do not forget that the car has other fluids and filters that deserve your attention. Change the air and fuel filters when specified by the manufacturer, without forgetting the cabin pollen filter. Don't forget to check the level of the antifreeze and brake fluid. For the Street Rod refurbishing also you can have the best options.

Monitor the oil level and consumption
In addition to advancing the oil changes, every two weeks we check the engine oil level. It is normal for an older engine to consume some oil. In my case, it consumes just over half a liter between oil changes. It is not a worrying consumption, but it is necessary to know that it exists and refill oil when we see that the level drops we always carry a can of oil in the trunk. We have said it by active and passive: there are few things worse for an engine than driving with an insufficient oil level . Remember to check the oil level after a long drive or sportier driving.

Refill Old Car Oil
If your engine consumes a lot of oil, the free play of its mechanical components may be at dangerous levelsyou might want to think about an engine rebuild.

Listen to their noises, and act accordingly
If your car is a few years oldor decades oldit will not have sensors that tell you that the oil level is low or that a tire has lost pressure. Nor will it remind you when it is time to pass the service, nor will a "engine failure" warning light appear when something is about to break. That is why it is very important to listen to the noises from your car, in addition to knowing them. If the car starts to "screech" when starting cold, don't ignore the noise: it is very possible that your accessory belt is badly worn or its tensioner is asking for a change. If you ignore it, the breakdown will come, and it will do it at the most inopportune moment.

If a new noise has appeared and you don't know what it could be, stop by your trusted workshop before it is too late. Your car and your wallet will end up thanking you. The suspensions and undercarriage of an aging car is often a festival of rattles and bangs, especially if the previous owner has ignored their maintenance. Don't wait for the ITV to tell you which components of your car need a replacement. Changing the tie rod ends or the stabilizer bar links is simple and affordableand like other fixes, you can do it yourself.Don't ignore those noises: imagine your water pump is failing and you lose your engine's cooling capacity.

Don't skimp on "basics" like tires or brakes
Even if you drive an "old car", you shouldn't skimp on basics like tires or brakes. What's more, we daresay they are even more important than in a new car. An older car may lack systems like ESP, and might even lack ABS. If we add to this a running gear whose best days are behind, the importance of good tires becomes paramount: they are the only thing that binds you to the road and it is imperative that they are in perfect conditionneither excessive wear, nor bites, no lumps. Make sure the brake pads have life ahead, and that the brake discs are not warped or excessively worn.

How to check car tires, and detect if they are in bad condition
If you can afford it, renew your car's shock absorbers. It is possibly one of the components of the car whose renovation is most noticeable in an empirical way. Shock absorbers are very neglected components in used cars, and they can make the difference between a successful dodge or a spin in extreme situations. Shock absorbers in poor condition lengthen braking distances and destabilize the car in delicate situations. They are not expensive components: a pair of shock absorbers can cost around 100 euros, plus the cost of labor when installing them.

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