How to Judge Who Is Really In-need While Giving Handouts in OSRS?

Posted May 26, 2015 by dangreen

The newly released world switcher and other seem bring some hope to players that shrouded in the sadness of DDoS Attack.

The newly released world switcher and other seem bring some hope to players that shrouded in the sadness of DDoS Attack. Although it is said that new updates will not be available immediately while Jagex is performing some tests in the live game environment, the update of death mechanic did make a good start and we may expect for a better environment soon.

World Switcher available above logout interface

The world switcher can be founded above the logout button, allowing players to quickly change the world without exiting to re-enter. Besides, right-click option allows players to select two worlds to favorite, which can be always visible for your convenient operation. Of course, there are also some restrictions on it- not available to change worlds if you have recently in combat or have been switching worlds too quickly and the feature will respect any conditions that usually prevent you from logging out.

The world switcher does bring much convenience, but there is little defect for some players, who expect that Jagex can make a QoL change. Firstly, the same mode of two buttons (world switcher and logout) makes players confused when try to log out quickly. It is suggested to make logout button to be a little larger; or maybe a different color could be another option. Secondly, some players indicate that these two buttons are not so obvious, or maybe make a black border around to make them stand out more.

Ring of the Gods can be imbued

Ring of the Gods can be imbued into a Ring of the gods (i) now using 650,000 Nightmare Zone reward points. Besides, you will need a holy wrench with you to imbue it, but an additional +1 prayer bonus, as well as increasing prayer points, would be given when you wear it.

Considering that some players don’t really like nightmare zone, it would be much more amazing if it can be started having other minigames points instead, like Barb Assault or others. It seems a good idea that provides more options for many people, not so practical though.

Right-click NPC options & other updates

The right-click NPC options come in handy to make it easier to repair your barrows equipment; check your holiday items; and pay for access to the Blast Furnace. In addition, right-click the ladder leading to the Dagannoth Kings lair allows you to see how many players are inside, which will save so much time and food for players. Moreover, some blue patches on the parts of GE have been removed; Nardah bank now has a bank deposit box…more contents are waiting for your exploration!

As the death mechanic updated, players’ rs items would stay on the floor longer and outside of PvP untradeable items will go to inventory on death, reducing players’ loss and making it easier to cope with the ddos attacks. Thus, when the environment gets better, you can login to experience those new contents. And at that moment, don’t forget that cheap rs 2007 gold will still for sale on RS3gold to help you gain better experience!


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