hero of the storm is coming,I tell you some information :Hero Concept - The Probe

Posted June 2, 2015 by dangreen

So this is my Probe concept, and I wanted to give you a idea on how this Hero is meant to be played.

So this is my Probe concept, and I wanted to give you a idea on how this Hero is meant to be played.
First, lets go over all its abilities.

1. Warp in Pylon
This is the main reason for you to leave the base, you would sometimes want to put pylons down aggressively and close to the enemy base but still keep 1 or 2 back home for you to quickly Warp back to if you get in Trouble.

2. Warp Gate
Using this ability takes you to another overlay with the units you can warp in.
The Warp gate keeps 1 charge of every unit that has a short cooldown, and every unit alive on the battlefield takes up 1 supply.
The units are:

- Zealot. The Zealot can by controlled by the player and has the Charge ability which gives it a small burst of massive movement speed to chase down targets. Main goal here is to try to surround the enemy in zealots body-blocking their escape.

- Stalker. Stalkers are faster than the Zealots, have less damage and less health, but are also ranged. They are also controlled by the players and have the Blink ability, which lets them teleport a small distance to close or increase gaps. These units are used for harassing in fights and on lanes while being backup for the Zealots in fights.
You can select these units through the buttons 1 - 5, depending on your keybinds.

- Sentry. Unlike the Zealot and Stalker, the Sentries can NOT be controlled by the player, instead they walk to nearby lanes, like mercenaries and start pushing the lanes. Sentries attack via beams and deal damage every second they're locked on to a target. The Sentry gets the ability Guardian Shield which reduces incoming damage on nearby minions by 30%.

- Immortal. Like the Sentry, the Immortal can not be controlled by the player. Immortals deal a hefty amount of damage in slow attacks, and they deal double the damage as well as taking half the usual damage to structures. Additionally, each time an Immortal strike a turret the Immortal gets aggro of it.
The choice in the units and talents of the Warp Gate is to chose whether you'd like to be a push oriented probe or a teamfight probe.

3. Photon Cannon
These are used for the probe to effectively take out mercenary camps and locking up lanes during siege, they can also be used in fights around objectives, much like Gazlowes turrets. They also cost 1 mineral which weaves nicely into the next ability which is the trait -


1. Minerals
Collecting these minerals are essential to keep up the aggressive pushing and taking of mercenaries around the map, you cannot take objectives alone so the Photon cannons are essential in this part.

2. Warp
Replaces mount, has a short cooldown and allows you to get in and out of action quickly. You can however be CC'd during this which will be fatal, and usually end up with a death.

Heroic Abilities:

1. Warp Gate: Colossus
The Colossus is a huge unit, it can walk over terrain but with a fairly low movement speed. It has insane range and should be used to snipe down towers from afar, or participate in a teamfights. Can be controlled by the player.

2. Mothership
It gives you an overview of the entire map, granting vision on everything plus a Power Field over it for 10 seconds.. Should be used to scout if enemies are taking objectives, or just to push aggressively. The blasts while dealing a ton of damage, also takes quite a while to land, imagine thrice the length of a Nova Precision strike. You leave the Mothership after selecting the 3 points to strike, and since you keep the bonuses after you've left the goal is to quickly select points and then when getting out of the ship, warp in units to wherever you need them.


Level 1:
1. Gathering Health Globes gives you 1 mineral.
2. Increases the amount of Pylons you can have by 1.
3. Photon Cannons have 5 more ammo.
4. Power Fields now increases Attack speed by an additional 10%.

Level 4:
1. Increases the Width of the Power Fields by 30%.
2. Photon Cannons warp in time reduced by 3 seconds.
3. Allied Heroes drop minerals when they die.
4. Auto attacks reduce ammo by 2.
5. Allied structures within a Power Field gain a shield over time up to 20% of their max health.

Level 7:
1. Warped in structures have 50% more health.
2. Movement Speed while inside a Power Field is increased by 20%.
3. Units from the Warp Gate can capture objectives.
4. Warp Gate can store 1 extra charge of every unit.

Level 10:
1. Warp Gate: Colossus
2. Mothership

Level 13:
1. Specialization: Zealot - Increases the health of zealots by 50% and attacks slow the enemy by 25%.
2. Specialization: Stalker - Stalkers are in stealth outside of combat. While in stealth the Stalker regens 5% health every second, as well as having 30% more movement speed.
3. Specialization: Sentry - Guardian Shield increases the damage enemy minions, mercenaries and structures take by 30%.
4. Specialization: Immortal - Attacks now deal splash damage for 75% of their original damage, aswell as slowing attackspeed by 50%.

Level 17:
1. Unit Mastery - Warped in units warps in instantly, additionally the Warp Gate can store 1 extra charge of every unit.
2. Photon Mastery - Photon Cannons drop a mineral when they die and get a shield for 20% of the damage they deal, up to 30% of max health.
3. Pylon Mastery - Increases the amount of Pylons you can have by 1. You are in stealth inside Power Fields.
4. Probe Mastery - Increases your health by 100% and your damage by 50%.

Level 20:
1. Increases the range of your Colossus by 30%. All minions killed by the Colossus has a chance to drop minerals.
2. Mothership: You can choose 5 locations to blast and the global Power Field last 15 seconds.
3. You can now globally warp in Pylons.
4. Temporarily increases the attack speed and damage of your units by 40% for 5 seconds.
5. Your auto attacks stun enemies for 0.4 seconds.


-- END ---
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