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Posted April 25, 2020 by DaneBronson

Business owners need to make many sacrifices to run operations, sell products/services and there are many costs implied as well.

Business owners need to make many sacrifices to run operations, sell products/services and there are many costs implied as well. Some believe they simply make profits over profits, but behind of it all there is a lot of work. Many of them accept American Express payments, considering the high number of clients using this payment method. However, the processing rates and fees are high and businesses want to find a better solution for the issue. Luckily, there is Amex OptBlue, bringing many benefits in discussion. Another important aspect is choosing the right ecommerce merchant.

Why Use Amex OptBlue

Cost is an important consideration and many businesses want to be able to save money, benefit from low fees and rates, while in the same time take advantage of great services from providers. This way, they are able to offer their products and services at a convenient cost to customers. Amex OptBlue provides the possibility to benefit from reduced transaction fees and discount rates. Usually, businesses would have a set rate based on the SIC code, but now there is more flexibility when setting the AMEX pricing model. Through this change, companies can save considerably on an annual basis.

To add more, the OptBlue model is more transparent, because every business can see the real costs to process transactions. Nothing is hidden, as it usually happens, when your business received a single flat rate, no matter how many transactions were made. With online purchases, customers pay using their credit card and believe that companies receive money instantly in their accounts. It is not the case, because with American Express it takes around 5 days to receive the deposit. Thanks to the new program, all transactions will be deposited in the following day, all businesses receiving their money faster and more conveniently.

Why Find an Ecommerce Merchant

More and more businesses are moving their activity online or at least think about opening an ecommerce website. It is understandable considering the number of people who prefer online shopping and spend so much time on the internet. Competition is fierce and it takes a lot to open the store and make it successful as well. Choosing the right https://www.bams.com/e-commerce-merchant-account/ ecommerce merchant platform is one of the best ways to achieve success and satisfy customers’ needs. There are many solutions available out there and it is important to evaluate each option in order to take advantage of the right features.

There are some important aspects to look into and some of them are:
• Ease of integration
• Pricing
• Mobile-friendliness
• Security
• Customer service
Most business owners look into offers at first and want to know how much it will cost to integrate the platform. In general, providers charge monthly fees, but they do have several plans available with subscriptions and businesses are able to choose the right one for them. The more features are integrated, the more a plan costs. It also depends on your activity, if you have a large company or a small business, just starting to make its way on the market. In case the business grows rapidly and needs change, an upgrade can be made at any point. This is a great aspect to take into account and check with the provider if there are such possibilities.

Business solutions vary and some make life easier and help run activity and attract as many new clients as possible. The https://www.bams.com/optblue/ Amex OptBlue is such an example and it was introduced with a purpose. At a certain time, American Express was aimed at high-end shoppers, the wealthiest of them, but recently, the company began to focus on mid-level shoppers as well and in this way, became more popular and encountered. People can shop with their American Express card only at businesses that provide this possibility. However, small merchants are not able to afford the rates and fees.

The good news is that Amex OptBlue plans to make it happen and help businesses in all their activity and of all sizes. This means that consumers can shop at more stores and merchants attract more clients. It is a win-win situation and solely these reasons can make anyone consider the program. There are some eligibility requirements to fulfil and to be able to become part of the program and the idea is to be a small or medium-sized company, as larger companies have the possibility to focus on more advanced credit card programs.

Deciding is Amex OptBlue is suitable for you and your company is another point to consider. In case you do not currently accept American Express, it is time to do it and you can add the logo on the website to increase revenue by attracting more consumers. If you do accept payments and you are eligible for the program, it is the best way to reduce merchant fees. Needless to say, you can benefit either way and it is something worth taking into account, because your business can grow in this manner.

As for the ecommerce merchant, every business owner has to evaluate the list of providers and find one that meets the given budget, standard and requirements. Many offer templates to design the store and this can be quite beneficial, since the process is straightforward and each manager envisions their business in a certain way. However, putting convenience aside, every shop is different and wants to stand out from the rest. To resolve this, providers are able to integrate various features and plug-ins.

For example, some want the pop-up chat box to communicate with customers directly on the website, while others prefer to leave this feature out. Others want shipping trackers, accounting integrations, email marketing, and much more. An ecommerce merchant will present the package of offers and help every business decide what works best for their case.

Mobile friendliness is another vital aspect and an ecommerce merchant has to provide this aspect, especially for buyers on the go. Online shops have to look good and be functional on every type of screen, on computers, tablets and mobile phones. Optimization is the key.
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