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Improper (1) or an insufficient number of gate location.
(2) the top of the improper position or article discontinuity.

Technological aspects:
(1) die, cylinder temperature is too high.
(2) injection or the injection pressure is too high too fast.
(3) the holding time is too long or too short cooling time.

Raw materials: phthalocyanine pigments can affect the degree of crystallinity of polyethylene deformation caused by products.

Product design:
(1) uniform wall thickness, wall thickness changes suddenly or too small.
(2) improper product structure modeling.

Dimensionally unstable

(1) feeding system is not normal.
(2) back pressure instability or temperature instability.
(3) failure of the hydraulic system.

(1) gate and runner size uneven.
(2) the cavity dimensions are not allowed.

Technological aspects:
(1) The mold temperature cooling circuit caused uneven or improper mold temperature control unreasonable.
(2) injection pressure is low.
(3) injection dwell time is not enough or there are fluctuations.
(4) high cylinder temperature or the injection cycle is unstable.

Raw materials:
(1) change the batch, the resin properties have changed.
(2) Material particle size erratically.
(3) a large amount of moisture.
(4) Replace the aid of influential law contraction.

White steam cracking

Mold: the top of the organization is poor.
Technological aspects: (1) lower cylinder temperature or mold temperature is low. (2) a high injection pressure. (3) long dwell time.

Raw materials: (1) lubricants, release agents, or the amount is too inappropriate. (2) grades, grades do not apply.

Product design: product design is unreasonable, leading to local stress concentration.


Technological aspects: (1) barrel, nozzle temperature is low. (2) back down. (3) for PVC plastics, the injection speed is too low or the mold temperature may also cause delamination.

Raw materials: (1) raw material contamination or foreign matter. (2) Different plastic mix.
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