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Posted February 26, 2017 by cinchtranslation

What exactly does the certified translation professional actually certify?

There are times when you have to find a certified translation professional and nobody else will do. Certified translations are mandatory when providing copies of certain documents to authorities like the U.S.C.I.S. or another government department like the Department of Labor (DOL) or to an educational institution or employer.

The reason why some authorities demand that you provide certified translations which have been signed and certified by a certified translation professional is because the personnel working on your case cannot themselves understand the language your documents are printed or written in. They are not going to go to the trouble of finding a translator by themselves. They put the responsibility on your shoulders to find a suitable certified translation professional.

Could anyone translate a document for a U.S. government department?

One of the peculiarities of translations in the United States is that there is no requirement to use an authorized translator. Theoretically, anyone apart from you could translate the documents as long as they also provide a certificate to confirm who they re and that the translation is an accurate version of the original. In some other countries, for example Australia, all documents that need to be provided to the federal government must be translated by an accredited translator. This is enough to satisfy Australian authorities that the translation is of a high enough standard.

As it is your responsibility to find a suitable certified translation professional you should look for quality rather than economy. It might seem cheaper to find an amateur translator to translate your official documents, but d they understand the two languages well enough and do they understand what they need to do to satisfy the authorities who are requesting translated copies of your documents?

Everything must be translated, even seals and watermarks

The U.S.C.I.S. is particularly exacting about the standards of the documents they request to be translated. All documents must be translated scrupulously. No sections can be left out. If there are words that have been smudged or are impossible to interpret, the certified translation professional must note that in their translation. There may be watermarks or seals that are on the original. The U.S.C.I.S. requires these to be translated accurately, too if they contain words and not just an image.

You may be getting the idea, now, why it is shortsighted to choose an unqualified translator if your document translation requirements are so important to you. It is quite common for translated documents to be rejected by the authorities when a certified translation professional is not chosen to translate key documents.

What exactly does the certified translation professional actually certify?

Every document that is translated by the translator you have chosen must have a signed certificate accompanying it. The certificate simply confirms the authenticity of the translation and that it is an accurate copy of the original that has been sighted by the translator.

When you are ready to get your documents translated and are looking for a suitably qualified certified translation professional, contact one of our team of professional translators at Cinch Translations. Between our translation team, we can accurately translate nearly 890 different languages. We are proud of our certified translation service and we believe you will not find anything better.

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