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There can be nothing worse, for instance, to try and skimp on the cost of translating a number of important documents that you need to send to the U

There are many reasons why you might need an authorized translation service. Theoretically, you could use your next door neighbor, or even a friend, to translate a document like a birth certificate or an employment record if it is not in English, but there is the nagging doubt whether it will be accepted by the authorities who are expecting an accurate translation from the language your document is written in.

There can be nothing worse, for instance, to try and skimp on the cost of translating a number of important documents that you need to send to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (U.S.CI.S.) and use an amateur translator. If the translations are not acceptable because they were not accurate enough or did not have the correct seal or stamp, it might set you back several weeks or even months if you lose your place in the queue.

If you are not sure which authorized translation service to use, and you have looked online for a nearby suitable translator who is capable of dealing with the sort of documents you want translating, you can try the American Translators Association. They have a very handy list of authorized translators and you can either choose one who is in your area, especially if you need to see them in person to go over what you want translating or you can usually contact them via their website.

Choosing the Best Authorized Translation Service

There are several things that you should look for when you go about choosing an authorized translation service. The most obvious are:

· Does the translator have any experience translating the sorts of documents you want to translate?
· Is the translator a native speaker of the language(s) you need translating?
· Does the translator have any qualifications in translation?
· How much is the translator going to charge?
· How long is he or she going to take?

Experience counts

Many documents are quite simple in nature and most professional translators can handle things like birth and marriage certificates, police certificates, driving licenses and qualifications. However, if you have a particularly technical document you want translating, e.g. a legal or medical document or a literary work, then you should be looking for a translator who is specialized in that particular field.

Native speakers are best

It is best to choose a native speaker in the language you want to have translated from if you are translating into English. Only a native speaker will understand the nuances of that language, the abbreviations, acronyms and so n which may be missed by a non-native speaker.

Qualifications are useful although not necessary

While qualifications are not essential they d show that the translator is taking their job seriously and is not just someone off the street.

How much and how long?

These are essential questions which should be put to the authorized translation service before you pass over the documents you want translating. Most professional translators charge by the word and may provide a special service if you want something done quickly, but this normally costs more.

Cinch Translations provides an authorized translation service second to none and we have many translators who can handle a large number of different languages. Our translators are approved by the American Translators Association and have never had any of our official translations for the U.S.C.I.S. refused.

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