Ways to Gain Muscle Past Thirty and What to Watch out for

Posted July 5, 2017 by brandonfrence

Safety is always a factor you have to watch out for in building muscles but you can also challenge yourself by building muscle mass without weights.

Gaining muscle past the age of thirty is not impossible at all as there are many ways to make it possible for you to gain that physique you have either always wanted or used to have. Different ways to gain muscle past have been added to the modern vocabulary of workouts but for someone who is past the age of thirty, you might want to try building muscle mass without weights. Why? Because it is safer, it is more efficient and effective, and it is also challenging. Safety is always a factor you have to watch out for in building muscles but you can also challenge yourself by building muscle mass without weights.

Feeling not repetition

When you reach a certain age, every repetition should count. This means that you should train by doing the best you can despite the fewer repetitions. Focusing on every repetition brings out the maximum effectiveness of each workout and saves you both time and energy. Doing a lot of repetitions half baked is something you do not want to do because it will increase the chances of you getting an injury either a small one or a severe one. Feel every repetition and work smart, not just hard.

Proper and perfect diet

Supplying your body with the right nutrients at the right amount is very critical at this age because your body can not run on an empty stomach like you used to and even if you could, it would end up destroying your body instead of ruining it. Take the right supplements and watch out for the types of food you should stay away from.

Avoid Injury

If you think a certain workout is too risky, do not do it. There are a lot more ways to gain muscle that is both safer and more efficient. This does not mean you should stay away from risks, this means you should know which risks are worth taking. Stay away from exercises that could cause massive and critical injuries to your body both incidental and in the long run. Better safe than sorry.

Proper Rest

Yes, you need to rest. Your body needs to be able to regenerate and to repair muscle even more now than before. Unlike in your early age when your body is still developing, when you reach thirty, your body is already developed therefor you have to be careful as you are not actually growing anymore and your muscles do not regenerate as fast as they used to. Take time to rest. Of course, you should not rest too much, have enough rest for you to be able to regenerate all that tore muscle and save yourself from the risk of many different injuries.

Do not lose confidence

Yes, progress is slower than how it usually is but that is okay. So what if other people are younger and more fit than you, it is not about competing with them anymore but it is about competing with yourself. Building muscle mass without weights is something that before you prove to others is possible, you should first be able to prove it to yourself.
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