How to Strengthen Weak Muscles and Bones Faster in Old Age?

Posted September 21, 2018 by aisfordhenderson

Consume Freeflex capsules to strengthen weak muscles and bones faster, improve joint flexibility, ease stiffness and prevent from risk of fractures in old age.

Aging changes the state of our bones and muscles. They, comparatively, become weaker, affecting our movement and posture. Supplements are required in old age to ensure our bones and muscles stay in good health. This article discusses how to strengthen weak muscles and bones.

The human body builds bones till the age of 30. Bones get broken down, in tiny amounts, constantly and replaced by our body system. This process of rebuilding new bone is faster till the age of 30, post which, it slows down. More bones is lost than built.

At such times, the body depends on external sources of bone mass building materials. There are ways to strengthen weak bones and muscles faster. Following are some pointswhich contribute to weak muscles and bones treatment in old age:

• Include lots of calcium and vitamin D in your diet. Calcium helps build bones and vitamin D helps the body in the absorption of calcium. Some foods rich in calcium and vitamin D are yoghurt, fat-free milk, spinach, salmon, tuna and fortified foods like orange juice and cereals.

• Just like the bones need calcium to rebuild itself, the muscles need protein for strength. The top 5 protein- rich foods are lean meats like chicken and pork, Greek yoghurt, peanut and almond butter, salmon and eggs.

There are some points, if a person follows from an early age, can help prevent osteoporosis and other bone issues in old age.

• Always eat a calcium and vitamin D rich diet. Stick up on those minerals at an early stage.

• Have vitamin K to increase bone density.

• A potassium rich diet will help in keeping the bones and muscles healthy. It neutralizes acids that remove calcium from the body.

• Exercise regularly. Make it a habit.

• Cut caffeine out.

• Avoid alcohol and smoking.

• Avoid being overweight.

• Avoid very low calorie foods.

• Take collagen supplements.

• Include magnesium in diet which helps convert vitamin D to its active form. This, in turn, helps in calcium absorption.

• Zinc in the diet maintains bone density.

• Include omega-3 fatty acids in diet.

Stated above are tips on how to strengthen weak muscles and bones. These are natural supplements for healthy joints and muscles. There are also herbs which help protect bones and muscles. Here are some herbal remedies for weak bones:

• Nettles

• Alfalfa

• Oat Straw

• Red Clover

• Horsetail

• Ashwagandha

• MuktaPishti

• Shatavari

Other natural methods on how to strengthen weak muscles and bones and improve joint flexibility are:

• Epsom salt soak

• Hot and cold compress

• Exercise

Freeflex capsule is another herbal remedy for weak bones. Ayurveda shows us how to strengthen weak muscles and bones with the help of these herbal capsules. They are 100% natural and free from chemicals. They help in repairing the wear and tear in muscles and in replacing lost bone mass.

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